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"In the largest public sector trial of the four-day week in Britain, fewer refuse collectors quit," reports the Guardian, "and there were faster planning decisions, more rapid benefits processing and quicker call answering, independent research has found." South Cambridgeshire district council's controversial experiment with a shorter working week resulted in improvements in performance in 11 out of 24 areas, little or no change in 11 areas and worsening of performance in two areas, according to analysis of productivity before and during the 15-month trial by academics at the universities of Cambridge and Salford... The multi-year study of the trial involving about 450 desk staff plus refuse collectors found:

  • Staff turnover fell by 39%, helping save £371,500 in a year, mostly on agency staff costs.
  • Regular household planning applications were decided about a week and a half earlier.
  • Approximately 15% more major planning application decisions were completed within the correct timescale, compared with before.
  • The time taken to process changes to housing benefit and council tax benefit claims fell.... Under the South Cambridgeshire trial, which began in January 2023 and ran to April 2024, staff were expected to carry out 100% of their work in 80% of the time for 100% of the pay. The full trial cut staff turnover by 39% and scores for employees' physical and mental health, motivation and commitment all improved, the study showed. "Coupled with the hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer money that we have saved, improved recruitment and retention and positives around health and wellbeing, this brave and pioneering trial has clearly been a success," said John Williams, the lead council member for resources...

Scores of private companies have already adopted the approach, with many finding it helps staff retention. Ryle said the South Cambridgeshire results "prove once and for all that a four-day week with no loss of pay absolutely can succeed in a local government setting".

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SINGAPORE, July 15 (Reuters) - The United Nations' International Seabed Authority (ISA) will meet on Monday to consider new rules allowing firms to extract minerals from the ocean floor, despite mounting concerns about the economic and environmental risks.

Supporters say deep sea mining will help boost supplies of raw materials like cobalt and nickel, which are needed for the global energy transition, but critics say it could destroy ecosystems and disrupt migratory routes.

As many as 27 countries are calling for at least a temporary halt of activities, and Hawaii last week became the fourth Pacific U.S. state to issue a comprehensive ban.

Meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, until July 26, the 36-member ISA council will negotiate the latest draft of a long-awaited "mining code", designed to regulate the exploration and extraction of "polymetallic nodules" and other deposits on the ocean floor. [...]

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A decline in fossil fuel power is now ‘inevitable’, the report's authors say.


"Joby took a pre-production prototype of one of its battery-electric aircraft and outfitted it with a liquid hydrogen fuel tank and fuel system. The modified, hydrogen-powered VTOL was able to complete a 523 mile flight above Marina, California..."


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And yes, I know the shading isn't ideal...


I saw a video about ten years ago on crocheting with plarn (plastic bag yarn) and I thought it was such a neat idea. There was just one problem: I didn't know how to crochet. So, I started hoarding all my plastic bags (even more than I already was) thinking, "Oh, I'll learn how to crochet one day!" I finally learned to crochet a few weeks ago and now I'm working my way through my massive bag stash. I left the tail ends on and tried to tie them into decorations so I wouldn't waste any of the plastic.

I am way too excited about my trash bag bag. :)

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