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I've been a huge fan of the science memes, I'll explore and chat more. I'm already curious about what natural sciences means.

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No, I was simply refuting the claim that art isn't profitable. If it was up to me, art as a recreation would be what people were encouraged to do with their days instead of working for corporations.

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You can't miss Will or Blaze. And onlinepersona@programming.dev because his signature is massive.

If I mention all the people I regularly talk to, I'll be here all day. It's a good varied bunch. I like that I'm forever hopping around and talking in different circles.

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I think it needs to get to a point where the public put pressure on companies and inconveniencing them will force them to choose sides. I'm not sure it's the side of common sense though.

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Good post. To be honest, when I found out that nothing they did was real, I came to appreciate them. But I don't understand why we prop up fossil fuel in the first place.

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It's newsworthy, unlike when they used to lay in roads.

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Keeps us discussing it though

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Started well and then dropped TF off 😭

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Why? They've never actually damaged anything

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Art is hugely profitable.

The arts are a significant contributor to the UK economy. Here's a quick breakdown of their impact:

  • Economic output: The creative industries, which include the arts, are estimated to generate £126 billion in gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy. This represents around 5.6% of the total economy.
  • Employment: The creative industries employ around 2.4 million people in the UK, accounting for 7% of all filled jobs. This sector has also seen a faster recovery in employment after the pandemic compared to the rest of the economy.
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They were so concerned with whether they could, they forgot to ask if they should

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Every time you've created a community, I always lament that it's at a bad time and promise to check out your instance later. Just now I finally checked and sweet potato pie, you need to chill. It's wonderful that you're proactive and you're trying to create an amazing instance for everyone. But less is more. Rather than having a hundred low activity communities, have a few that are the go to version of them in the Fediverse. Just my unsolicited advice as someone that wanted to come and commune with you, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of communities you've created.

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Electric on our seas is a no-brainer.

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Electric on our seas is a no-brainer.

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This is a magnificent post. Thanks for providing data to go with my gut feeling.

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