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This ignores all solar under 20MW, which is for many countries most of new solar capacity.


Our World in data has already updated their charts using the current UN world population prospect:

Fertility rate:

Population projections:

Some of the highlights are. Nearly all countries in the Americas, all countries in Europe and most countries in Asia have below replacement fertility rates. The only continent with a fertiltiy rate above replacement is Africa with 4.07 in 2023. Besides Afghanistan all countries with fertility rates above 4 are in Africa. Even above 3 is rarer outside of Africa and Central Asia. China is at a total fertility rate of 1. That means every new generation is half the size of the previous one and the population has a fairly high chancing halving over within this century.

According to the data the number of births globally has peaked in 2012. Since then it is down a bit.

We will likely see large regions have structural population declines in the coming years. Especially rural areas in middle income countries will loose a lot of people. Due to the young ones moving to cities, with a stable to falling population. At the same time migration will always be a big topic. Especially since racism is much stronger for black people then for brown ones. So with Sub Sahrah Africa being the region with the most births, this is really the only region able to provide enough migrants to prevent population decline for other regions.

Anyway good news in general. It really shows we only have to create a sustainable economy once and then it becomes easier to keep it running, thanks to lower population.

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Which takes time to do and Labour can just change the law, if need be.

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How is it risky?

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A Biden donor event, where Biden and Alex Jones fight to the death. All on a livestream and tv. It being offical presidental business it would be legal according to SCOTUS for Biden to kill Jones. Whatever the outcome the Democrats presidential candiate will be seen as fit as well. If Biden looses, Jones is being thrown into prison.

And people say Trump is a showman....

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The protests are already breaking a lot of the fossil fuel industry. The simple truth is that the inflation reduction act means cheap American EVs on a massive scale. That removes most of the US oil consumption. Renewables and gas have taken out most coal electricity generation in the US and renewables are starting to kill gas as well. So local demand in the US for oil and gas is going to fall in the coming years

So by blocking or just delaying exports, this is becoming a rather large problem for the US.

That is on top of China investing a lot into renewables and the EU being probably even further along, with some fairly powerfull legislation. Seriously we are getting very close to peak emissions and that means the death of the fossil fuel industry is starting.

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EVs are not the problem. The problem is that Belgian workers are more expensive then Chinese workers. Especially the workers forced to work for Volkswagen in Chinese concentration camps.

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There are a lot of battery factories being built in the EU right now. Even if they come from China, it is a one time purchase and not a total dependence.

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Hence the EU thinks about just forcing them to use it.

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In this case it gives the Saudis central bank money, which then leads to more money being removed over the coming years. Since the Saudis want to dump it, they have to sell it below market value. Due to that at intresst this means the ECB is moving money out of the monetary system. Hence this is deflationary. We actually saw that in the real world as well. QE meant low intresst rates. The intresst rates shot up as soon as QE was stopped.

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So we need the ECB to start QE in a big way to buy back government bonds. However the Saudis do not own too many.

We also have to go electric on transportation and that much much faster. Only a third of the EUs oil comes from the US and Norway. The rest comes from mainly dictatorships. Going green means supporting democracy. Staying on fossil fuels means supporting dictatorships.

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Even a few decades ago the front windows of your car would be so dirty due to dead insects that you had to clean it after a long drive. Today it is due to dust, if you have to clean it at all.


Degrowth as a community topic has somewhat of a problem, in that it is rather limited. Posting about the need to shrink the economy smartly becomes repetitive over time. So I tried to increase the scope of the community a bit by allowing other related topics like UBI, housing cooperatives, worker owned companies and so forth. However I do understand that this might be controversial. So I have a few question to the people intressted in this commuity:

  • Is increasing the scope of the community a good idea?

  • What topics should be offtopic in this community? As in do we allow say discussions about renewable energy, carbon markets and maybe even green stocks. Right now I see a bunch of China economy posts. Are those reasonable?

  • Should I rename the community to reflect a wider scope of discussion? If so what name would be good?

  • How can we make the community more intressting in general? Say topic of the week, more memes or whatever.

  • Where should the moderation line be? No swearing or going for even implied insults.

I would love to get some good feedback and suggestions. Thanks for them in advance.

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From nearly fascists that election was going quite far left.


Sprich in 2 Jahren werden viermal soviel Windkraft zugebaut wie in 2022.

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