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Long text #Solarpunk blogging community on the SLRPNK #Movim

While #Lemmy is a nice platform to share links and discuss them, it is less suitable for personal longer form blogs (like those one would find on Substack or Medium). As an alternative, we added a that can be easily used with your SLRPNK #Lemmy account.Movim chat and blogging service

Movim has two options for such kind of long form blogs:

There is also the option to make blogs private so only invited members can read them, and community blogs have the option to be either text based or image-gallery based.

All these blogs can also be subscribed to through #Movim (#XMPP pubsub based) or via the provided ATOM feeds that any RSS client should understand.

As an additional service, we can manually set up a Lemmy repost bot for these ATOM feeds, so if you came here through the on Lemmy, you probably saw this bot in action./c/solarpunk community

Also don't forget what we have an dedicated #Solarpunk chat channel that you can join via our or any federated . So if you have any questions regarding these features, don't hesitate to ask us thereMovimXMPP client

  1. Personal blogs, like the one our member JacobCoffinWrites has set up
  2. Community blogs that multiple members can contribute to such as this Solarpunk one
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This will be our new official bot account for various purposes, such as auto-feed posting, XMPP notifications and likely also auto-moderation.