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Its you.

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the alliance between religious groups and crime syndicates is something we will probably see more of in the future.

The model seems very exportable and that's the most concerning part. Both groups prey on the vulnerable and the ability to launder money through religious organizations seems like a combination that won't be overlooked for long.

Its a good reminder that one must actively shape the future lest some meth fueled fanatics do it themselves.

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Thats obviously from mastodon, not twitter.

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The investigation, published in a multi-part series in 2022, revealed for the first time how former Gov. Phil Bryant used his office to steer the spending of millions of federal welfare dollars — money intended to help the state’s poorest residents — to benefit his family and friends, including NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre

The journalist who reports on corruption will be in jail and not those who actually did it.

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Still going to vote for whoever is the dem candidate, but the post debate polling is indicating that they would be wise to pick literally anyone else.

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How about we get someone who can win in a swing state so we can avoid Trump? Because right now from the polling it looks like Biden can't.

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I'd vote for a literal corpse with a (D), but there's voters who are somehow undecided or ambivalent about fascism. The fact remains that the polling shows this hurts Biden in required swing states which is extremely concerning.

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Saying that Biden needs to be replaced is not the same as saying don't vote for whoever is the Democratic candidate. I've been screaming into the void telling people to vote on Lemmy and even I think he needs to be switched out. The post debate polling is that damning.

If the dems shove it down our throats I'm still voting for him, but there's still a narrow window to get a better candidate and we should take it.

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If a highschool student cannot be instructed on Shakespeare without it being a crime, the law is too far gone to be reasonable in anyway. The same goes for Brave New World and A Handmaid's Tale. There are graphic depictions of sex in many major works of literature and we need to quit pretending teenagers don't know what sex is or that reading about it will indelibly harm them.

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Thought this was a good article. If its not on topic enough for the community it can be removed.

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We are growing alfalfa in the deserts of Arizona with water from aquifers, so it sadly needs to be said.

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The article might have been well-informed and factual

Like many substacks purporting to give health information, its a massive link dump filled with unsupported suppositions in between. Reading all the links provided would give much more accurate information.

In the final paragraphs his insistence that everyone should be keto and not use any form of sunscreen gives away the fact he's a crank.

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