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First off, we are still looking for feedback on the Photon & Alexandrite alternative Lemmy UI trials. Please comment in the linked posts.

Technical server updates

Server migration was completed last month and it is generally working well on this new 8 threads, 16GB RAM machine. There is a problem left with occasional stalling of the database writes for which the source has been identified, but it will likely require some hardware replacement and thus a small down-time later this month. But having everything on a dedicated machine allows me in theory to give additional server admins access, but we first need to identify people willing and able to help out with that (more on that below)

Due to active ongoing upstream development the CSAM scanning was not yet enabled, but preparation work is complete and it should be easy to start soon.

XMPP chat integration

Still a work in progress, but the auth-script against the Lemmy database is functional and deployed here, so you can already use your regular SLRPNK Lemmy account (username@slrpnk.net) as an XMPP account since a few days. The Movim web-client is also up and running on https://movim.slrpnk.net, but it needs some further testing and a few known issues make it not ideal to use in combination with other XMPP clients until the next Ejabberd server release. In case you want to use Movim on your Android or iOS device, use the install to homescreen option in your mobile browser's menu (Movim is a PWA with Webpush). End-to-end encryption is disabled by default, but can be enabled in the user settings and works reasonably well. However this feature is still somewhat experimental in Movim and you are probably better off using other XMPP clients for this. Audio and video calls are currently not fully functional yet, and will require a bit more work on our server setup.

Community wiki

Based on our previous discussion, work has started on a community wiki linked to our Lemmy communities. It is already available on https://wiki.slrpnk.net but the account integration is not yet functional. The plan is to create an individual namespace for each Lemmy community to have their own community specific wiki that community moderators can edit. The wiki will likely also be automatically synced with a git repository.

Fedi admin guild

One of the goals of the F-hub.org organisation hosting SLRPNK is to enable better community management of FOSS projects. To this end a new service was recently added that allows creating coordination forums. As a trial, I created one such group with the goal to invite active Fediverse admins and moderators. The general idea is to have a better managed space for exchange and mutual-aid in server administration as well as to make the decision making process for topics like instance defederation more transparent. If you are interested in this please DM me here and I will send you an invite email. I hope that the moderators of the most active communities here might be also interested in this, as it is not only meant for sysadmins.

Additional site mods

I would also like to ask if any of the already a bit longer active community moderators here would be interested in becoming site moderators for SLRPNK. Additional responsibility would be to help with account approvals (not many lately) and reacting to user reports for communities that have not very active moderation. Ideally it would be also nice to have some sort of vote by the other currently active community mods on who they would trust as a site mod, as it comes with quite a lot of power in regards to moderation decisions in all communities.

Open discussion

If you have any other topics related to our community here on slrpnk.net please comment below. Feel free to also highlight some new communities here on SLRPNK you have recently created.

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I had never actually heard of this plant before 🤯

The Wikipedia page has some more interesting details.

i loved you mommy (slrpnk.net)
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Who needs a gym? (slrpnk.net)
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Following some recommendations on @solarpunk I picked up “The Dispossessed” by Ursula Le Guin, and I found it right up my alley. I went through it as fast as I could, unable to put it aside for long. There were a few aspects which I did not need (the Terran connection in particular messed with my suspension of disbelief), but overall I found it a very good start to dive into reading fiction again.

Solarpunk Houses (www.artstation.com)
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Ruslan Zinin is sponsored by Solidarity Zone.

His next court date is October 9th, 2023.

Russian Federation, Irkutsk,
ulitsa Barrikad 63, SIZO-1,
Zinin Ruslan Aleksandrovich, d.o.b. 1997

#SearchTheLandfills (slrpnk.net)
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Clouds are the largest source of uncertainty in climate predictions.

In a paper published this month in Science Advances, Dada's team establishes a new heavy hitter in cloud creation: a kind of chemical released by trees.

The role of trees in seeding clouds is important, because it suggests what the sky above some regions might be like if governments manage to tamp down sulfur emissions.

In a world with less pollution, plants and trees will become more dominant drivers of cloud formation, an echo of the premodern world.

While anthropogenic emissions dominate cloud formation in populated areas, plant volatiles dominate over more pristine land elsewhere.

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