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Famously Simo Häyhä, one of the most successful snipers in history, used only an iron sights. This was an intentional choice along with other clever innovations like putting snow in his mouth to mask his breath and reduce his visibility to counter-snipers. An optical sight increases your profile and the glass will glint in the sun. I don't know if it was intentional, but when hunting a target in an area with heavy counter-sniper presence, using an iron sight is not a poorly-planned choice.

Given his voter registration, his membership in the Demolitia, his rural Pennsylvanian political meleiu, and his bullied incel backstory [YT], signs point to him being a genuine republican. The Republican voter records have not only his name but address, while the reported small Democrat political donation only seems to have his name, not any other secondary conformation like a credit card that coincides with the deceased's social security.

Ironically while Crooks was taking aim, Demolition Tactical was bragging about how their followers were respectable, unlike a specific youtube influencer's who just happens to be black:

One flattering narrative is that he felt betrayed by the revelations about Project 2025, or confirmation of Katie Johnson's [YT] testimony about Trump's pedophilia in the recently released Epstein logs, or was just part of one of the many blue-collar conservative working families that Trump's organization has swindled out of their labor.

Alternatively, a week before the assassination, Nick Fuentes was on stream putting Trump on blast for backing away from Project 2025, along with Alex Jones. The simplest explanation is this is another case of stochastic terrorism from the alt-right.

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He's not meeting his ghost bike quota. Brian Hopkins wants more cyclist blood on his hands.

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True, that one's on Obama, Trump, and Biden. Still would have been super awkward to release a bunch but keep the journalist.

I bet they're not releasing Toby Shone or the crew charged with first time riot offenses though.

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I wonder if publishing leaked US military helicopter footage and violating the UK Bail Act would have been crimes worthy of release.


Complementary coverage by the BBC and South China Morning Post

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Using violence to fight fascism is the name of the game, right?

There is a lot of anarchist rhetoric to justify violence against fascists, primarily because challenging the state's monopoly on violence is so stigmatized by mainstream politics, but violence isn't and should never be the primary tool for fighting fascism. Characterizing it as such is gives credibility to the narrative of the right. The spectacle of violence may make it seem over-represented among the wide variety of tactics in use, but the 'name of the game' is 'diversity of tactics.'

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Black-bloc is a tactic, specifically a group tactic. If the assassin's motivation was to stop fascism, they're antifa through the tautological technicality. But the gunman was not black-bloc.

Maga will use any excuse to crack down on groups that organize under the antifascist banner, but this will definitely be one of them.

Edit: Someone has already made this point, sorry to duplicate it.

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That's outside my wheelhouse, but I've brought it to poVoq's attention. Thanks for the ping.

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Oh, I see see it now.

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I don't understand your meaning. Which duplicate words?

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This is an argument for revolution, not for keeping Biden on the ticket.

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