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What is Solarpunk?

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c/climate: Climate - truthful information about climate, related activism and politics.

Discussion of climate, how it is changing, activism around that, the politics, and the energy systems change we need in order to stabilize things.

As a starting point, the burning of fossil fuels, and to a lesser extent deforestation and release of methane are responsible for the warming in recent decades: Graph of temperature as observed with significant warming, and simulated without added greenhouse gases and other anthropogentic changes, which shows no significant warming

How much each change to the atmosphere has warmed the world: IPCC AR6 Figure 2 - Thee bar charts: first chart: how much each gas has warmed the world.  About 1C of total warming.  Second chart:  about 1.5C of total warming from well-mixed greenhouse gases, offset by 0.4C of cooling from aerosols and negligible influence from changes to solar output, volcanoes, and internal variability.  Third chart: about 1.25C of warming from CO2, 0.5C from methane, and a bunch more in small quantities from other gases.  About 0.5C of cooling with large error bars from SO2.

Recommended actions to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the near future:

Anti-science, inactivism, and unsupported conspiracy theories are not ok here.

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c/buyitforlife: Buy it for Life

A place to share practical, durable and quality made products that are made to last, with an emphasis on upcycled and sustainable products!


Things that are well-made and durable (even if they won't last a lifetime) are A-Okay!

Unlike that other BIFL place, Home-made and DIY items are encouraged here, as long as some form of instruction is included in the body of the post.

Videos links are not allowed as post titles, but you may use them in a text post.

A limited amount of self-promotion is accepted, IF the item you are selling aligns with this criteria:

  1. The item must be made with sustainable or recycled materials.
  2. If electronic in some way, the item must be open-source.
  3. The item must be user-serviceable (if applicable).
  4. You cannot be a large corporation.
  5. The post must be clearly marked with a [Self Promotion] tag in your title.
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c/diy: DIY

Share your self-made stuff and half-baked projects here.

Also check out !diy@beehaw.org

There is also a related XMPP chat.

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c/selfhosting: Self-hosting

Hosting your own services. Preferably at home and on low-power or shared hardware.

Also check out:

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c/memes: solarpunk memes

For when you need a laugh!

The definition of a "meme" here is intentionally pretty loose. Images, screenshots, and the like are welcome!

But, keep it lighthearted and/or within our server's ideals.

Posts and comments that are hateful, trolling, inciting, and/or overly negative will be removed at the moderators' discretion.

Please follow all slrpnk.net rules and community guidelines

Have fun!

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c/technology: Solarpunk technology

Technology for a Solar-Punk future.

Airships and hydroponic farms...

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c/energy: Green Energy

everything about energy production

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c/nolawns: No Lawns

What is No Lawns?

A community devoted to alternatives to monoculture lawns, with an emphasis on native plants and conservation. Rain gardens, xeriscaping, strolling gardens, native plants, and much more! (from official Reddit r/NoLawns)

Have questions or don't know where to begin?

Where can you find the official No Lawns socials?


  • Be Civil
  • Don't dox yourself
  • Stay on Topic
  • Don't break instance or Lemmy rules

Related Communities

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c/twoxchromosomes: TwoXChromosomes


A place for serious and silly content intended for women's perspectives. Yes, this includes ALL women. If you identify as a woman, you are welcome here.

(We are not the same mods as the Reddit r/twoxchromosomes sub)


We are currently following a modified version of r/TwoXChromosomes rules here.

Why THIS Community Name?

We chose this community name since it was already well established on Reddit. During the great Reddit migration of 2023 people were looking for the same or similar communities to what they had on Reddit, searching for names they already knew was the easiest way to get members. We have chosen to keep this name since it's well recognized. As stated above, ANY woman is welcome here.

Want to be a mod? Fill out our application!

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c/urbanism: Solarpunk Urbanism

A community to discuss solarpunk and other new and alternative urbanisms that seek to break away from our currently ecologically destructive urbanisms.

  • Henri Lefebvre, The Right to the City — In brief, the right to the city is the right to the production of a city. The labor of a worker is the source of most of the value of a commodity that is expropriated by the owner. The worker, therefore, has a right to benefit from that value denied to them. In the same way, the urban citizen produces and reproduces the city through their own daily actions. However, the the city is expropriated from the urbanite by the rich and the state. The right to the city is therefore the right to appropriate the city by and for those who make and remake it.
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c/zerowaste: zerowaste

Discussing ways to reduce waste and build community!

Celebrate thrift as a virtue, talk about creative ways to make do, or show off how you reused something!

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c/anarchism: Anarchism and Social Ecology


A community about anarchy. anarchism, social ecology, and communalism for SLRPNK! Solarpunk anarchists unite!

Feel free to ask questions here. We aspire to make this space a safe space. SLRPNK.net's basic rules apply here, but generally don't be a dick and don't be an authoritarian.


Anarchism is a social and political theory and practice that works for a free society without domination and hierarchy.

Social Ecology

Social Ecology, developed from green anarchism, is the idea that our ecological problems have their ultimate roots in our social problems. This is because the domination of nature and our ecology by humanity has its ultimate roots in the domination humanity by humans. Therefore, the solutions to our ecological problems are found by addressing our social and ecological problems simultaneously.




Poetry and imagination must be integrated with science and technology, for we have evolved beyond an innocence that can be nourished exclusively by myths and dreams.

~ Murray Bookchin, The Ecology of Freedom

People want to treat ‘we’ll figure it out by working to get there’ as some sort of rhetorical evasion instead of being a fundamental expression of trust in the power of conscious collective effort.

~Anonymous, but quoted by Mariame Kaba, We Do This 'Til We Free Us

The end justifies the means. But what if there never is an end? All we have is means.

~Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven

The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking.

~Murray Bookchin, "A Politics for the Twenty-First Century"

There can be no separation of the revolutionary process from the revolutionary goal. A society based on self-administration must be achieved by means of self-administration.

~Murray Bookchin, Post Scarcity Anarchism

In modern times humans have become a wolf not only to humans, but to all nature.

~Abdullah Öcalan

The ecological question is fundamentally solved as the system is repressed and a socialist social system develops. That does not mean you cannot do something for the environment right away. On the contrary, it is necessary to combine the fight for the environment with the struggle for a general social revolution...

~Abdullah Öcalan

Social ecology advances a message that calls not only for a society free of hierarchy and hierarchical sensibilities, but for an ethics that places humanity in the natural world as an agent for rendering evolution social and natural fully self-conscious.

~ Murray Bookchin


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c/farming: Solarpunk Farming

Farm all the things!

Also see:

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c/composting: Composting

Anything related to composting, vermicomposting, bokashi, etc.

Ask any question, or show us your black gold or your family of wigglers!

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c/collapse: collapse of the old society

to discuss news and stuff of the old world dying

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c/vegan: Vegan

A community to discuss anything related to veganism.

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c/cannabiscultivation: Cannabis Cultivation

This will be a home for all things related to the cultivation of cannabis. The preferred focus here will be organic and sustainable growing methods, but any cannabis growers or growers-to-be are welcome!

The moderator and community creator here is in a legal cannabis state. It is therefore assumed that everyone sharing photos and info about their grows is also doing so legally. If you're not, then keep that to yourself. Any mention of actively conducting a cannabis grow illegally will be removed. This is to protect our instance admin, and will be a zero-tolerance policy.

Happy growing!

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c/food: Food

Everything related to cooking, nutrition and food preservation

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c/utilitycycling: utility cycling

🚴🚲 Welcome to the Utility Cycling Community! 🚲🚴

Are you a passionate cyclist who believes that bicycles can transform the way we move around our cities and towns? Are you interested in exploring the world of utility biking, where bicycles are a tool for practicality, sustainability, and adventure? If so, you've come to the right place!

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c/fixing: fixing

Celebrating/talking about repairing stuff, the right to repair stuff, and the intersection of tech and solarpunk ideals.

What does it mean to use what we have, including technology, to try to build a better, more environmentally just world?

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c/podcasts: Podcasts

A place for all podcast lovers to come together and discuss the medium, find recommendations and talk about podcasts they have created.

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c/offgrid: Offgrid living

Everything off grid; power, water, self-sufficiency; whether you're doing it or aspiring.

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c/permacomputing: Permacomputing

Computing to support life on Earth

Computing in the age of climate crisis is often wasteful and adds nothing useful to our real life communities. Here we try to find out how to change that.

Definition and purpose of permacomputing: http://viznut.fi/files/texts-en/permacomputing.html

XMPP chat: https://movim.slrpnk.net/chat/lowtech%40chat.disroot.org/room

Sister community over at lemmy.sdf.org: !permacomputing@lemmy.sdf.org

There's also a wiki: https://permacomputing.net/

Website: http://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/permacomputing.html

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c/art: art

Wecome to the art community of solarpunk, where we host any and all forms of art related to solarpunk!

Remember to follow the instance rules when interacting, and also:

-Cite the author whenever possible, or state it as unknown when unsure.

-This is an art community, for other aesthetic related things, check out our sister community /c/aesthetic.

-Keep it SFW.

Hope you enjoy your time here! :D

As a last thing, kindly reminder that solarpunk is not just a form of artwork/aesthetic, but also a mindset and a movemet. For more on this, you can check our community /c/solarpunk.

Icon artwork by tk-sketches

Banner artwork by 六七質

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