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There is a huge difference in power-draw between 2.5" 5400rpm HDDs that one would typically find in a laptop and 3.5" 7200rpm HDDs that are often used in servers even at similar storage capacities. The latter typically use 10W each during normal operation and even a bit more during spin-up. But if you want to optimize your NAS for low power consumption you can use those small 2.5" HDDs just fine (of course being aware that these are not built to withstand the same kind of (ab)use as HDDs specifically built for NAS or datacenter use).

Edit: of course these small drives are not available in more than I think 4TB right now, and if you want to built really large pools of tens to hundreds of TB then the bigger 3.5" HDDs at some point become more power efficient for the same storage space.

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Reverse-proxies are not necessarily limited to HTTP, but you can set up SSLH in Opnsense to do something similar.

But for SSH you would usually log into one machine and form there do a second SSH connection to other servers in the local network.

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Indeed the part where it explains that models might be over-corrected for it not happening is quite worrying.

I am still making my way through it, but this is a very comprehensive overview so far.

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If you like our communities so much, you could also create an account on slrpnk.net 😊

But yeah, two smaller instances with not much overlap in interests by their users tend to not federate well and you need to go the extra mile to search out the communities and subscribe to them.

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I don't think Gamescope uses Kwin, but Valve could certainly add similar support to Gamescope.

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I did and you are still wrong. Maybe you should read more carefully what you wrote ;) You didn't specify in what way they are more "power-efficient". And the second sentence is pure conjecture with no real basis on facts.

Edit: Ok maybe you will understand it this way: if your workload is never exceeding the data-transfer speed that the HDD can deliver then the additional speed of SSDs is useless (a very common situation with NAS). So then you need to consider which technology is using less power over time under these conditions, and moving parts or not is not the relevant metric there.

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You are moving goal-posts. Maybe you are right, but it is still false to claim something is always using more power because it has moving parts.

And of course I didn't only test it for 5 minutes, but rather the impact over a longer time period with the same typical workload of a home server/NAS (i.e. a lot of idling).

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I don't think the power efficiency of the different brands is that much of a difference that it makes sense to only buy specific ones. For SSDs it is rather important to buy from reliable vendors that are not only repackaging the cheapest nand chips they can currently find on the market. In the past Samsung was always a good choice, but my most recent purchase of a PCIe 4.0 SSD from them was not so great in regards to reliability, so I am starting to wonder if they are cutting corners somewhere these days.

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What you claim here with so much confidence is simply false. Those are two totally different technologies, so it is comparing apples and oranges. And yes, I actually tested it and power optimized HDDs (for laptops) tend to use a bit less power than SSD. I was surprised as well.

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2.5" 5400rpm HDDs are the most power efficient in my experience. They use around 1W when in normal use.

SSDs generally use power according to their actual utilization. The faster they are the higher the power consumption seems to be. SATA SSDs are generally slower and fall into the 1-3W bracket, NVMe SSDs are more like 5-10W, especially the PCIe 4.0 ones.

Don't quote me on these figures, I have not extensively tested them and they are very rough ball-park ones.

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Please share some pictures of the actual pumps. Ram pumps are a fascinating topic. I always wanted to build one myself, but I don't have a suitable location where I live right now.

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Ward said the impact of bleaching had been extensive across 16 sites that she visited in the reef’s southern section, affecting coral species that had usually been resistant to bleaching. Some coral had started to die, a process that usually takes weeks or months after bleaching occurs.

“I feel devastated,” she said. “I’ve been working on the reef since 1992 but this [event], I’m really struggling with.”

As do I Dr. Ward, with ever election result reinforcing the deveststation of the orthodoxy and the disregard my fellow citizens have for a livable biosphere.

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There is some argument for doing spaced repetition as homework for memory heavy learning like vocabulary for example.

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Especially nice in combination with Akkoma instances as it supports:

  • Markdown / MFM
  • Emoji Reacts
  • Quote Posts
  • Bubble Timeline
Slidge release v0.1.0 (www.nicoco.fr)
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Slidge is a multi-network puppeteering gateway project that can be added to any xmpp server.

ULTROS game (www.ultrosgame.com)
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ULTROS is set in a multifaceted realm – a vast alien landscape teeming with life. Grounded in science fiction, ULTROS comes wrapped in both an eccentric art style from the visionary El Huervo, renowned for his work on Hotline Miami, and a mystical soundtrack composed and performed by Ratvader - Oscar Rydelius. ULTROS explores meta-themes of mental health, life, death, and karmic cycles through deep lore and environmental storytelling.

We want trees (slrpnk.net)
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Alt text: Photo of the backside of an advertisement billboard in Lisbon with graffiti writing "TAKE THiS SHiT OFF WE WANT TREES!" There is a busy street with cars in the background, and two people in the front that seem to be indifferent to the text.

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Very mainstream coverage, but I guess it's not too bad from that perspective. And yes, green skyscrapers are a stupid idea.

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