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Then I am at a total loss. You seem to be the only one affected, or at least the only one that told us so far and it is a reasonably popular server.

We do use the new image proxy feature on Lemmy, which still has some bugs to iron out, but that has also been running a few weeks now, without anyone having major issue like you seem to have.

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Not if (as the article rightly points out) it helps upholding and justifying current elite power with the illusion of merit. It is exactly this naive thinking that the "best" system automatically wins, when in reality our world works nothing like that.

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They should, yes. But modern panels have bypass diodes that somewhat mitigate partial shading.

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And yes, I know the shading isn't ideal...

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Shinzo Abe was murdered because he supported a religious cult that destroyed the family of the person that assassinated him. I am not trying to justify it, but it was a completely different set of circumstances. Apples and oranges really.

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If you only use it so rarely, why not just connect a USB drive to your network router? Most have an option to serve files from that over the network.

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A RasberryPi uses so little power when idleing that turning it on and off on demand makes not a whole lot of a difference. It is different though with OP's x86 with spinning rust drives.

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So the entire page fails to load? Very odd. You run something like Pihole to filter the entire network traffic?

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No, the images are clearly served over HTTPS here. I suspect it might be a disagreement over the exact version of TLS being used as I admit my configuration of that is a bit amateurish, but you must have configured some rather extreme hardening measures for that to have such a result.

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Paprikachilli, das überdeckt auch den leicht gammligen Geschmack 🫠

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Why would the author have to provide an alternative?

There are many alternatives, the author simply pointed out that contrary to popular belief, "meritocracy" isn't any better than most of those.

Your argument is similar to the one about capitalism. The failure to understand that there are many alternatives is on your side and it is not the author's job to point that out.

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The issue is the intended use case and not specific licensing and so on. Zulip targets internal chat in a corporate environment, like MS Teams and the like, which makes it ill suited as a Discord replacement.

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Hmm, those should be all fine, but maybe another extension is the issue? Since you likely have it installed anyways, can you check if the images load in a clean Edge or Chromium browser?

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief (mutualaiddisasterrelief.org)
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I’m not sure why but I’ve always found the Civil Defense to be really cool, and I often try to work it into my stories in one form or another (though none of those have been published yet). When I was helping with reorganizing FA!’s box text on the military, I thought it’d be a good addition.

It fulfills the role of being an organized, primarily civilian, primarily voluntary disaster relief organization. It has a long history in dozens of countries, in one form or another, all around the world. Its provided training, search and rescue, preventative measures, emergency response, and recovery, in everything from wars, to natural disasters, and even the Chernobyl disaster. And the different formats used in all those countries give us a historical precident for almost any organizational structure we choose. Want to make it an auxiliary of a military branch? The US did that at some points. Directly part of the military? Some Soviet countries ran it that way. A purely civilian volunteer charity? Britain has recently revived theirs and is running it like that. They can even function as a volunteer militia, like the British home guard, or the American Civil Air Patrol who Wikipedia claims once dropped bombs on axis submarines.

And they have history. People like that kind of lineage, the sense of being part of something that dug people out of rubble in the blitz, that cleared radioactive debris in Chernobyl. There's a long history of sacrifice and service to draw on. And one with comparatively few atrocities on the record.

They're even pretty cool visually. They have the iconic blue triangle motif common in most countries, and a blue and white color scheme not really associated with combat.

Whether you need someone to respond to wildfires, to assist paramedics, to build levees in a flood, or to distribute and build tornado shelters, it's not a far leap from what they've already done. Like Noir said on the discord, given the scale of the Global Climate Wars in the game’s backstory, it seems pretty likely that every government on the planet would start handing out shovels and white helmets again.

And I think it fits the anarchist influences in solarpunk. Putting some of the responsibilities and capabilities for disaster relief back in the hands of the community. It's also a decent role for a varied cast of characters in a RPG. People with regular lives and skills who can be tasked with a quest and be granted some degree of official legitimacy.

When I wrote up the Civil Defense section for the game manual, I tried to provide enough flexibility to allow players and GMs the option to adjust the local Civil Defense chapter to fit their campaign. I like the idea of modern chapters tracing their lineage to different local groups, a postwar militia here, a wildland fire fighter unit there. Like the Defense served as a way to bring various factions (especially armed ones) into the fold, providing them with improved legitimacy in trade for increasing oversight and standardization. So while they’re supplied and trained by the same organization, at the unit level they have some leeway in how they operate and what they specialize in, which can conveniently fit any campaign that wants to use them.

Mutual Aid Hub (www.mutualaidhub.org)
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After 3 years in the making I'm excited to announce the launch of Games on Whales, an innovative open-source project that revolutionizes virtual desktops and gaming. Our mission is to enable multiple users to stream different content from a single machine, with full HW acceleration and low latency.

With Games on Whales, you can:

  • Multi-user: Share a single remote host hardware with friends or colleagues, each streaming their own content (gaming, productivity, or anything else!)
  • Headless: Create virtual desktops on demand, with automatic resolution and FPS matching, without the need for a monitor or dummy plug
  • Advanced Input Support: Enjoy seamless control with mouse, keyboard, and joypads, including Gyro and Acceleration support (a first in Linux!)
  • Low latency: Uses the Moonlight protocol to stream content to a wide variety of supported clients.
  • Linux and Docker First: Our curated Docker images include popular applications like Steam, Firefox, Lutris, Retroarch, and more!
  • Fully Open Source: MIT licensed, and we welcome contributions from the community.

Interested in how this works under the hood? You can read more about it in our developer guide or deep dive into the code.


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Ed Miliband has ordered an immediate ban on new drilling in the North Sea in a decision that overrules his own officials and risks triggering a wave of legal action. In an unusual intervention into what is typically an apolitical process, the Energy Secretary has told regulators not to approve a new round of drilling that was slated for confirmation in the coming weeks. His decision to block the licences means that companies will have wasted millions of pounds on preparing their bids, with experts warning they are likely to take legal action as a result.

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