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Damn. That was an extremely well written, compelling read, with an equally excellent ending quote. Cheers for sharing it here, Five!

Business Plot (
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Alternative Invidious Link (poor quality though)

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Steven Mould did a great video on this topic, for those intrigued.

Syndicalism (
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Oddly, I've never seen a reversible window AC in my area. Checking my local stores, they're definitely a bit more expensive than the non-heating models (cheapest I could find was $489), which might explain it.

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Something to bear in mind, Chevy S10's don't crash the best.

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Interesting, I never perceived a smugness to his presentations, I always felt they came across like a teacher very concisely presenting a lesson to a classroom. I would've loved to have had him as a teacher, but that's just me.

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In the comments of that second link you provided, someone made a salient point:

At the end of the day, it all comes down to content residing on someones hard drive. That will cost, either directly through cloud services, or indirectly by decentralized storage like the libry app where users donate their disk space and bandwidth. It is not clear to me how the new system works, and who carries the cost?

Odysee's response was this link, which another commenter then pointed out:

I love how Arweaves biggest flaw (bandwidth) is only mentioned as a cliff note "Notably absent from Arweave's formulation of the Kryder+ rate are bandwidth costs. Arweave covers this using a separate set of karma-based incentives – see here." And the article linked just dodges the actual question at hand by throwing an empty promise to incentivize people to give their bandwidth for "karma"

So Arweave is literally just Peertube with another brand new crypto on the backend to incentivize people to start using it and ultimately 'sell' their hard-drives to the blockchain to be used to host the video content. Otherwise, you need to pay to 'permanently' store your content on the blockchain for a baked in 200 years worth of storage time (so, I imagine that will be rather high).

It should also be noted that in the FAQ regarding what will happen to LBRY Coins once this new crypto replaces it, they simply say "It'll still be yours to do with as you please!", I.E, this shit is worthless now since nothing will use it, but hey, it's your shit, and that counts for something!

Again, I would highly recommend viewing Folding Ideas video on the subject if you haven't yet. This is ultimately going to be another thing that makes the creators a tremendous amount of money, but will ultimately crash and burn for everyone else.

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Air conditioners are Heatpumps without a valve to reverse the direction of cooling/heating. If you flip an air conditioner around, it will produce heat at about 3 to 4x greater efficiency compared to an electric resistance heater.

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Good find! Besides the coffee from Finca Sonador in Costa Rica, most of their other coffee looks to be Zapatista.

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At least according to the wiki link in the post body, there are some EU distribution hubs as well, if you're out that way. Not sure what they are, though.

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You're quite welcome :D

We Need A Library Economy (
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Considering how insanely expensive older Twike models were, I can't imagine this will be terribly accessible to most people.

Looking it up, yep, the estimated price for one of these is 39 to 49k euros. So... More than a full on electric vehicle. Unfortunately just a toy for the rich. :(

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I can nerd out about appliance efficiencies for days! (help), always glad to help spread the good word of that sweet, sweet COP (not to be confused with the bad type of Cop).

Tech Ingredients did a pretty great video about easily improving efficiency of solar panels by adding an enclosure and some box fans to the back of them, which seemed to have no real downsides, so I'm quite intrigued to see how he'll drastically improve the efficiency of that air conditioner in his next video.

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Another month has passed, which means the old Meta Community Discussion will be replaced with a new Community Discussion, which gives an update on the happenings of the instance, and to provide a place to talk and comment your thoughts on the instance, or for anything else that doesn't warrant its own c/Meta post.

Now, let us have a quiet moment in remembrance of the June discussion thread as we release it from its pinned status, back into the wilds of the fediverse.

...Right, that's quite enough remembering.

Slaps server

Let's bust out July. is limping! Long live!

A few months ago, suffered a partial error, while the main admin was unavailable due to longer work related travel. As the admin is still missing, several of the site's moderators collaborated with the and last week, was launched to cover many of the same communities as the old hosted. This is an inspiring development, and demonstrates one way a federated social network can respond to damage.

Community Highlights

We had some new communities pop up on the server last month!

  • !, created by @Emotet, who, I would like to point out, has a really cool animated avatar and profile background. Their community is focused on competent people doing things competently in media.

  • !, created by @sabreW4K3, which focuses on news and discussions on EV's.

  • !, created by @reallykindasort. A place to discuss and share history of ancient peoples!

In other news, @countrypunk is looking for new moderators for ! If that topic interests you, why not throw them a message? I'm sure they'd appreciate the help!

We'd also like to thank @JacobCoffinWrites for graciously taking over as moderator for !, and to @Midnight for becoming part of the ! moderation team! Good stuff y'all :)

If you're already a mod, joining the SLRPNK XMPP chat is a great way to grow your moderation team and share tips with other moderators. (it's also usable by all members of the instance, and you can use it for non-solarpunk chatrooms too, it's totally federated!)

If you're not already a mod, and see a community that you would like to support with moderation, don't hesitate to contact the current mods, or us admins.

Some examples of abandoned communities in need of new moderators are:

Again, if any of those seem like your bag, slap a comment down below, and we'll mod you up! Having those extra set of eyes and developing your community into whatever your creative vision holds is not only a tremendous help to us admins, It's quite fulfilling in its own right! :D

Technical Updates

Last month we updated our instance to Lemmy version 0.19.4/5, which brought some minor technical issues that were mostly fixed in the latter release. One major change was the introduction of an image proxy. This means that images in newly added posts (and new user/community avatars) are no longer directly downloaded from the federated servers, but rather first mirrored on our server. This has some privacy advantages and should also improve site loading speed a bit. We will have to see how this will affect our image storage capacity in the medium term, but so far it doesn't seem to have had a big impact and with our recent server upgrade, we do have quite a lot of storage space.

We also experimentally increased maximum upload size to 10mb and allowed small video files as well. We need to see how the impact of this is, though. If it results in too much bandwidth and/or storage space use, we might have to reconsider this.

Open Discussion

Aaaand... Yeah, that's the news for July. It was pretty chill, pretty snazzy, even! But now it's your turn to share whatever snazziness is happening on your mind. Anything related to the instance, the fediverse, or the server you'd like to ask about or discuss? Create a new community you want everyone to know about? Then mosey on down to the comments, my dude!

Everything you post here will be highlighted until the start of next month, which is like, a really long time (until it isn't. Time is cruel, cruel mistress).-

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