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Place to hang out, memes, share experiences or just vent.

Welcome to all not wanting to vote, not able to vote or just annoyed by the US presidential election taking over Lemmy and other social media.

Coming here to argue about voting will result in a ban.

Be kind to each other & follow the server rules.

Be specifically aware that not everyone here is from the so called USA.

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Image description:

Calvin and Hobbes standing outside in the dark, staring at the stars. Stick figure floating in the sky with a speech bubble saying "If I don't vote or vote for anyone not backed by a major party they tell me the outcomes are my fault, but I did not build this game, I think it's poorly designed, I was excluded from participation until quite recently, the rules treat certain groups really unfairly, the rules for changing the rules are also distributed really unfairly between players, and I never consented to participating and don't want to play. I just want to exist and try to do some good with my hands and my brain and the people around me who feel the same way."

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Y'all should dread voting for Biden. You should be weeping as you cast your vote. Don't you see the tragedy in all of this? You have no choice but to vote for genocide, for some of you, it's your own genocide you're voting for.

In fiction, when no choice is given but the tragic choice, heroes choose the tragic choice and face all the grief and regret that comes with it. Reality is stranger than fiction. When y'all are faced with no choice but tragedy, you beat your drums in happy anticipation of your own belated doom. This is what sickens me about you sick Yanks. You have no sense of the tragedy you face before you. It is said a vote is not a wedding vow; they are correct: it is worse, for it means inevitable murder down the line. Biden will kill Palestinians, Filipinos, Black folk, immigrants, and Congolese, and you cheer on their genocide.

Vote, for sure, go ahead, vote the lesser evil. But you have to be cognizant of the tragedy of it all. You must feel our grief.

But you won't. You'll probably cheer my death as well.


Translated from Swedish:

Experience so far has shown that in the ruling Shia Islamic state of Iran, although the right to "choose" (read: appoint) all high-ranking government officials rests with the "President", it is subject to the approval of the Islamic Parliament. But in reality, the “Welayat-e-Faqih” (Supreme Leader) must give the final approval for these appointments, and no president has been empowered to oppose the Welayat-e-Faqih's opinion. This dynamic is not expected to change in the future.

After the overthrow of the shah's dictatorship in 1979 and the establishment of the Shia Muslim state under Ayatollah Khomeini, most presidential elections have been heavily rigged. The candidates who emerge victorious are those who have been approved in advance by the religious leadership, first by Ruhollah Khomeini and then by Ali Khamenei.

After President Ebrahim Raisi's helicopter crash (known as the "Ayatollah execution") in northwestern Iran, which led to his death on May 19, 2024, a completely engineered election with predetermined candidates has been scheduled for July 28, 2024. Any individual who emerges from this electoral process, whether from the fundamentalist or reformist front, will lack the will and ability to address Iran's deep economic, political, social and cultural crises. The hardworking people will continue to struggle against skyrocketing inflation, increasing poverty and misery, unemployment, homelessness and other issues.

Anarchist forces, who do not believe in the state, its associated bourgeois parliaments or any political parties, will not participate in such electoral systems. Instead, they focus on promoting horizontal self-organization, which operates without a party or leader. In the current situation, anarchists strive to establish a self-governing council system and promote common solidarity among the people. They strive to achieve their goals without giving up.


Can a political state and electoral system controlled by the “Welayat-e-Faqih” of the ruling Shia Islamic state of Iran be called a “republic”? Absolutely not. Islam is a monotheistic Abrahamic religion that holds the Koran as the word of Allah and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (who lived in the Arabian Peninsula in the 6th century) as the last prophet for mankind until the resurrection.

“Welayat-e-Faqih” is a type of caliphate system in the ruling Islamic state of Iran. This doctrine is based on socio-political governance derived from the Qur'an and Islamic Sharia law. The concept of community leadership in Islam was introduced shortly after its inception and was later formulated by Sheikh Mufid (949-1022 AD), a prominent Shia Islamic theologian. Ayatollah Khomeini, a follower of Mufid, published a book called "Islamic Governance" in the 1970s during his exile in Iraq by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Islam claims to be the absolute and final world religion. Therefore, its followers aim to establish an Islamic state (Islamic caliphate) globally. “Califa” means successor of God's power on earth.

After Muhammad's death in 632 AD. a conflict over succession arose between his closest allies, leading to the division of the caliphate regime between Abu Bakr (the first caliph) and Ali (the fourth caliph). Abu Bakr's followers became known as Sunni Muslims, while Ali's followers became Shia Muslims. Sunni Muslims claimed that Abu Bakr was the rightful caliph, but Shia Muslims insisted that Ali was the true successor, as he was both Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law.

Ali and his deputies were called imams (leaders). Leadership in Shia Islam is hereditary, passed down to men in Mohammad's family. After Ali's death, the Shia faith further divided into different branches based on which of his sons or brothers deserved to become imams. According to one group of Shia Muslims, there are twelve Imams, the last being al-Mahdi, who mysteriously disappeared at the age of five in Samarra, Iraq, in 870 AD. Believers believe that he still lives in secret and will one day appear to save the world from injustice and establish an equal society.

Ruhollah Khomeini (1909-1999) and his successor, Ali Khamenei (born 1939), belong to the group "Twelve Imami Shiites". They claim to represent the 12th Imam, al-Mahdi. Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers have expressed a desire to export this caliphate system globally through the "Islamic Revolution".

After the death of Ayatollah Khomeini (Welayat-e-Faqih No. 1), Ali Khamenei was chosen as his successor (Welayat-e-Faqih No. 2) by the “Islamic Parliament” and approved by the “Assembly of Leadership Experts”.

The Assembly of Leadership Experts, one of the most powerful political bodies in Iran, consists of sixty-eight members, whose competence is determined by the "Guardian Council". The Guardian Council, which consists of twelve members (six mullahs and six lawyers), plays a decisive role in the formulation of economic and social policies and confirms the suitability of candidates for the Islamic parliament and the presidency. The Supreme Leader (Ali Khamenei) appoints all six mullahs and the head of the judiciary to the Guardian Council, and recommends the six lawyers, who must be approved by the Islamic parliament.

Given this complex system, can Iran's socio-political structure be called a "republic" or its elections considered democratic? The logical and unequivocal answer is undoubtedly no. "Welayat-e-Faqih" is an absolute authoritarian system, comparable to regimes such as ISIS and the Taliban. It is also worth noting that no woman has ever been allowed to hold the position of religious leader or imam in the Islamic caliphate system.

-- Av Hasse-Nima Golkar

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Image: a photograph of a poster on a telephone pole. The poster has an image of Kermit the Frog and the text "Vote Muppet: You Will Get One Anyway."


Belgian elections are today. Mailbox flyers for political candidates often show profiles in exclusive walled gardens (Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram). And they often have email addresses at hotmail, gmail, or outlook. They are betting on #digitalExclusion. I am cancelling all of them regardless of party.

nuancesAll policians likely have a Facebook acct. That’s a sad state of affairs, but merely having an account does not get them cancelled. A cancellable offense is public displays that flaunt their digital exclusion. It’s despicable when their flyer pushes people into US walled gardens with no way to reach them in the free world.

I am also cancelling five whole parties for undermining democracy via digital exclusion by using Cloudflare for the party’s own website. Digital rights are important in 2024, particularly for democracy, as we are increasingly being disempowered by power abuses through forced use of oppressive technology. Direct Tor blocking? Also cancelled.

I am also cancelling all extreme right parties on general principle. And even slightly right if “immigratie stoppen” is something they are misfocused on.

Who’s left? I think I’ll be voting none of the above on a lot of positions because they don’t clear my basic bare minimum bar of digital decency.

(edit) maybe ecolo has a chanceNo one represents me, apart possibibly from Ecolo. But superficially, it seems contradictory that a “green” party proposes making energy cheaper for a broader demographic of people. That obviously removes pressure to conserve energy.
(update) ecolo looks like a winner

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Young voters overwhelmingly believe that almost all politicians are corrupt and that the country will end up worse off than when they were born, according to new polling from Democratic firm Blueprint obtained exclusively by Semafor.

The sour mood points to potential trouble for Joe Biden, who is struggling with Gen Z and younger Millennials in polls compared with 2020, and needs to convince them he can be relied on to improve their lives.

As part of the online poll of 943 18-30-year-old registered voters, Blueprint asked participants to respond to a series of questions about the American political system: 49% agreed to some extent that elections in the country don’t represent people like them; 51% agreed to some extent that the political system in the US “doesn’t work for people like me;” and 64% backed the statement that “America is in decline.” A whopping 65% agreed either strongly or somewhat that “nearly all politicians are corrupt, and make money from their political power” — only 7% disagreed.

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Hillary did the meme "liberals would vote for Biden even if he drank the blood of an infant only because Trump drank the blood of 1.25 infants."


Many political parties are allowing Cloudflare to block some demographics of voters from seeing election info on their own candidates. These political parties are running exclusive websites:

  • PS/Vooruit (Socialist / Parti Socialiste [fr/nl])
  • Défi (previously part of the MR, now more at the center [fr])
  • CD & V (center / Christen Democratisch en Vlaams [nl])
  • Groen (Green Party [nl])
  • Open VLD (liberal [nl])

Effectively they are operating in an anti-democratic fashion. Open and inclusive access to election info is paramount to democracy.

The political parties who are running inclusive websites are (quite ironically) the right-wing parties. And funnily enough, some of the right-wing parties actually have an English version of their website as well. This defies their historic reputation as being relatively xenophobic. If voting purely on the basis of digital rights and digital inclusion fostered by their website implementation, the right-wingers are the clear winners here.

Voting left entails supporting parties that suppress election info from some demographics of people. Voting right is a non-starter on general principle (e.g. climate denial). Voting is mandatory but there is said to be a “none of the above” option.

(edit) OTOH, the French green party ( has an open website. Perhaps that’s a decent way to vote.

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Please, tell me more about how I feel about Donald Trump getting a second term. I'm sure making me feel guilty over something I have literally no power to affect will encourage me to waste time on empty virtue signaling instead of using my political and social energy more productively.

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Image description: four men in tunics and sandals beating a naked man with sticks; the image may be depicting the Roman policy of decimation (having one in ten soldiers in a unit beaten to death by their fellow soldiers, to punish the entire unit for cowardice or desertion). The caption reads "four out of five citizens love democracy!"

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