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Each month we pin a post to give all members an update on the state of the instance, as well as a place to direct public comments and discussions, so let's get to the updatin'!

Community highlights

This month we thought to shake up our usual routine to highlight new communities and instead decided to highlight some nice, but older communities. So have a look at these and maybe add them to your list of subscriptions:

Any other communities you would like to highlight? Comment below!

Transfer to new server

After our last attempt to move our Lemmy instance to a new server had to be reverted at the end of 2023, we tried again this month. The new server has been hosting the Pictrs image backend and the various frontends for a while now, but yesterday we finally also migrated the main database and the backend to it.

The new server (a refurbished Intel Xeon with 64GB RAM) is probably somewhat oversized for a small Lemmy instance like ours, but it looks like the multiple times faster NVMe database storage array finally fixes the performance issues we had before.

Let's hope this time we will not run into hardware issues like with the previous dedicated server.

A brand spankin' new Wiki

SLRPNK now hosts a fully functional wiki for our communities to utilize, based on the DocuWiki project.

Currently, only community Moderators can edit the wiki, and like our XMPP instance, you'll be able to use your SLRPNK login to access it, along with editing privileges for your community automatically given.

We have a quick-start guide written that should help you with the first steps of how to create your community wiki.

A few plugins have been added to the wiki to extend its functionality, such as a WYSIWYG editor in addition to the standard markup editor, along with some other bells and whistles. You can find a complete list of the plugins used here.

If you need any help getting your community page setup, you can either leave a comment in this thread below, or message one of the admins, and we'll do our best to get you up and running. :)

Other technical additions

You might have noticed the new bot account that was added as an instance admin last month. This account is currently connected to two additional services that we added:

An automatic RSS feed poster that can be added to communities. Let us know if that is something you are interested for a community you moderate here.

An instance level auto-moderation bot that scans new posts and comments for spam. The software behind this is still a bit of a work in progress, but it should allow us to react more quickly to future spam-waves from multiple accounts.

If you have other suggestions on how to utilize this bot, let us know.

Server Stats

With another month, comes another round of stats!

Right off the bat, the hardware upgrade is having a noticeable effect on the latency of the server, which is pretty darn sweet.

And 65 new solarpunks joined us last month, bringing the total up from 1,138 members to 1,203. Hopefully they find this to be a good home. :)

The monthly users are holding steady, with a slight increase up from 290 to 299. With that amount of people, there always seems to be something interesting to see or read on the server just from our users alone. Counting people coming in from other instances, it really is booming around here!

The Big News

We're proud to announce that Slrpnk.net is now officially sponsored by Exxon Mobile™ as part of their Global Green Outreach for Innovative Forward Thinkers™ program.

In collaboration with them, we'll be featuring new eco-friendly technologies that were produced with net-zero emissions as a long-term goal, which has only been made possible thanks to Exxon's Big Heart Good Guy Partner™ initiative.

Starting us off this month is this fine Gasoline powered Alarm Clock, which gets an unthinkable 24 hours to the gallon! The efficiency wizards at Exxon have truly outdone themselves. Hopefully we'll see one of these pop up in every home in the coming decades.

Open discussion

That about wraps up this month's news. If you have anything you'd like to ask regarding the site, our new tools, or anything else related to this community, let us know.

If you've created a new community or would like to make your own announcements about something happening on the server, you're also welcome to post them down below!

All comments will get extra visibility up until the beginning of next month.

Have a great April, everyone! ^^

Last chance (self.solarpunk)
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The most well written solarpunk story I have read so far is Last Chance by Tyler Young, it can be found in the collection "Sunvault". It has a pretty pessimistic view of human behaviour towards the environment (regardless of political and economic systems) but it has compelling psychological characterization for the people in the story and how they would maintain life in the hypothetical future envisioned in the tale. Does anyone have recommendations for other good solarpunk stories?

Defining Solarpunk? (self.solarpunk)
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Hey all! New to the instance here, per invite from @ex_06@slrpnk.net and wanted to put this out there.

Can we have some kind of pinned post or link that goes over the fundamentals of Solarpunk? It sounds intriguing as hell, and I'd love to learn more about it, but also, I'd rather not have to get sucked into a Wikipedia rabbit hole to do so.

Something like a TL;DR of the main points, like why it's valuable, the main ways to execute, the primary modes of sustainability, etc.

Would love to hear more.

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Coming from a large sub, people will eventually try to nitpick with verbiage.

I think it may be prudent to separate the "unless linking to..." second half of the No SPAM rule to its own, differently worded rule encompassing the allowance of regulated/occasional sharing of relevant but external work that they directly represent.

My $.02

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Is Seafile any good? It's similar to nextcloud, but apparently faster etc.



Mobile apps both have pretty bad ratings on the app stores.

What would you host for yourself, friends and family, basic dropbox functionality is all I need.

I have hosted Nextcloud in the past but it's a huge program with way too many tools, apps and a complicated way to update, the end result is often a slow and not very comfortable way to use the aforementioned basic dropbox functionality.

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But, I couldn't find the original author of this

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Hi! Lemmy's official software site has a list of public instances and I noticed that slrpnk.net isn't included. https://join-lemmy.org/instances

I think that this site could gain long-term exposure to more potential users by asking the site admins to add this instance to that list.

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I'm searching for some good solarpunk titles!

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Alternative youtube link if not working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYjBaiczDkM

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Is SolarPunk intrinsically progressive? What elements of reaction and conservatism are symptoms of potential subsumption of SolarPunk into the status quo?

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I'm a big Monero fan because I love liberty, but Proof of Work use too much electricity. However it's the best for security as for now. I really believe that cryptocurrencies (and blockchain) are good for the future, it meant to empower people, the true people not the banks and big corporation. Obviously nothing went as excpected but we're only at the start of a new financial system. I recently discover Nano, SolarCoin and other "sustainable" cryptocurrencies. So I thought maybe the future can be good for both world, no need of central banks to hold funds (and invest in fossil fuel, money laundering and wars), individuals and communities could handle their funds, makes transactions without third parties involved, people could heat their houses and mine (or whatever it does) with solar energy, Solar Optimal mining of XMR for exemple is a super idea in my opinion. Why not using Wind energy to secure the network, validate the transactions etc... Does anyone already wrote stuff on a perfect cryptocurrency for a solarpunk society ? Also does Nano and SolarCoin looks legit to you are are these just greenwashing shitcoins ?

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Work gloves. They're kinda expensive.

Improving Terrible Bike Tool (community.xmpp.net)
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When a bicycle comes with terrible wrenches that would normally just be thrown away because they cut into your hands, what do you do? Save some scrap bar wrap that would otherwise go in the trash and make nice handles for them of course! Now the tool is actually useful and you have a use for your excess tape (not to mention it looks good)!

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In a solarpunk society, how would transgression look like? Obviously not the lame edgy kind like throwing a plastic wrap on the ground but the artistic, aesthetic, sexualized forms of transgression that challenge the status quo. Does it even make sense to pose such a question in an utopic setting? (especially one naively devoid of social tension like solarpunk)

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“The Avalon Village is an eco-village in the making,” Mama Shu says. “We’re rebuilding our neighborhood. We are using all things that are healthy for the environment and more economical to rebuild our space in this community.”

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Woke up this morning to news about Swedens largest bank having major systems outages and accounts showing negative balances for many customers. People have reportedly been having to ask neighbors, friends and relatives for assistance so that they can fill up their cars and get to work.

Is it happening? Is this the thing that leads my incredibly cash-free country to do a bankrun and crash the system?

I'm kidding obviously, this won't have any effects outside our borders, but it's fascinating that banking systems can have these kinds of disturbances.

Floating City (yewtu.be)
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This is everything I know about sowing. Saves me money on repairs

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