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What is Solarpunk?

A SolarPunk Manifesto

Basic Rules:

For any community related question or to just test some function: !

Try our Photon & Alexandrite frontends.

Or try our lightweight UI and Voyager mobile UI.

All accounts also work with XMPP chat automatically incl. our Movim client.

If you need to jointly brainstorm on your next Solarpunk text, try our Etherpad.

And don't miss our Wiki.

founded 2 years ago

Where solarpunks organize for a better world!

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Another month has passed, which means the old Meta Community Discussion will be replaced with a new Community Discussion, which gives an update on the happenings of the instance, and to provide a place to talk and comment your thoughts on the instance, or for anything else that doesn't warrant its own c/Meta post.

Now, let us have a quiet moment in remembrance of the June discussion thread as we release it from its pinned status, back into the wilds of the fediverse.

...Right, that's quite enough remembering.

Slaps server

Let's bust out July. is limping! Long live!

A few months ago, suffered a partial error, while the main admin was unavailable due to longer work related travel. As the admin is still missing, several of the site's moderators collaborated with the and last week, was launched to cover many of the same communities as the old hosted. This is an inspiring development, and demonstrates one way a federated social network can respond to damage.

Community Highlights

We had some new communities pop up on the server last month!

  • !, created by @Emotet, who, I would like to point out, has a really cool animated avatar and profile background. Their community is focused on competent people doing things competently in media.

  • !, created by @sabreW4K3, which focuses on news and discussions on EV's.

  • !, created by @reallykindasort. A place to discuss and share history of ancient peoples!

In other news, @countrypunk is looking for new moderators for ! If that topic interests you, why not throw them a message? I'm sure they'd appreciate the help!

We'd also like to thank @JacobCoffinWrites for graciously taking over as moderator for !, and to @Midnight for becoming part of the ! moderation team! Good stuff y'all :)

If you're already a mod, joining the SLRPNK XMPP chat is a great way to grow your moderation team and share tips with other moderators. (it's also usable by all members of the instance, and you can use it for non-solarpunk chatrooms too, it's totally federated!)

If you're not already a mod, and see a community that you would like to support with moderation, don't hesitate to contact the current mods, or us admins.

Some examples of abandoned communities in need of new moderators are:

Again, if any of those seem like your bag, slap a comment down below, and we'll mod you up! Having those extra set of eyes and developing your community into whatever your creative vision holds is not only a tremendous help to us admins, It's quite fulfilling in its own right! :D

Technical Updates

Last month we updated our instance to Lemmy version 0.19.4/5, which brought some minor technical issues that were mostly fixed in the latter release. One major change was the introduction of an image proxy. This means that images in newly added posts (and new user/community avatars) are no longer directly downloaded from the federated servers, but rather first mirrored on our server. This has some privacy advantages and should also improve site loading speed a bit. We will have to see how this will affect our image storage capacity in the medium term, but so far it doesn't seem to have had a big impact and with our recent server upgrade, we do have quite a lot of storage space.

We also experimentally increased maximum upload size to 10mb and allowed small video files as well. We need to see how the impact of this is, though. If it results in too much bandwidth and/or storage space use, we might have to reconsider this.

Open Discussion

Aaaand... Yeah, that's the news for July. It was pretty chill, pretty snazzy, even! But now it's your turn to share whatever snazziness is happening on your mind. Anything related to the instance, the fediverse, or the server you'd like to ask about or discuss? Create a new community you want everyone to know about? Then mosey on down to the comments, my dude!

Everything you post here will be highlighted until the start of next month, which is like, a really long time (until it isn't. Time is cruel, cruel mistress).-

Last chance (self.solarpunk)
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The most well written solarpunk story I have read so far is Last Chance by Tyler Young, it can be found in the collection "Sunvault". It has a pretty pessimistic view of human behaviour towards the environment (regardless of political and economic systems) but it has compelling psychological characterization for the people in the story and how they would maintain life in the hypothetical future envisioned in the tale. Does anyone have recommendations for other good solarpunk stories?

Defining Solarpunk? (self.solarpunk)
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Hey all! New to the instance here, per invite from and wanted to put this out there.

Can we have some kind of pinned post or link that goes over the fundamentals of Solarpunk? It sounds intriguing as hell, and I'd love to learn more about it, but also, I'd rather not have to get sucked into a Wikipedia rabbit hole to do so.

Something like a TL;DR of the main points, like why it's valuable, the main ways to execute, the primary modes of sustainability, etc.

Would love to hear more.


Coming from a large sub, people will eventually try to nitpick with verbiage.

I think it may be prudent to separate the "unless linking to..." second half of the No SPAM rule to its own, differently worded rule encompassing the allowance of regulated/occasional sharing of relevant but external work that they directly represent.

My $.02


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Is Seafile any good? It's similar to nextcloud, but apparently faster etc.

Mobile apps both have pretty bad ratings on the app stores.

What would you host for yourself, friends and family, basic dropbox functionality is all I need.

I have hosted Nextcloud in the past but it's a huge program with way too many tools, apps and a complicated way to update, the end result is often a slow and not very comfortable way to use the aforementioned basic dropbox functionality.

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But, I couldn't find the original author of this


Hi! Lemmy's official software site has a list of public instances and I noticed that isn't included.

I think that this site could gain long-term exposure to more potential users by asking the site admins to add this instance to that list.

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I'm searching for some good solarpunk titles!


Alternative youtube link if not working:


Is SolarPunk intrinsically progressive? What elements of reaction and conservatism are symptoms of potential subsumption of SolarPunk into the status quo?


Work gloves. They're kinda expensive.


When a bicycle comes with terrible wrenches that would normally just be thrown away because they cut into your hands, what do you do? Save some scrap bar wrap that would otherwise go in the trash and make nice handles for them of course! Now the tool is actually useful and you have a use for your excess tape (not to mention it looks good)!


crosspostato da:

In a solarpunk society, how would transgression look like? Obviously not the lame edgy kind like throwing a plastic wrap on the ground but the artistic, aesthetic, sexualized forms of transgression that challenge the status quo. Does it even make sense to pose such a question in an utopic setting? (especially one naively devoid of social tension like solarpunk)


“The Avalon Village is an eco-village in the making,” Mama Shu says. “We’re rebuilding our neighborhood. We are using all things that are healthy for the environment and more economical to rebuild our space in this community.”

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Woke up this morning to news about Swedens largest bank having major systems outages and accounts showing negative balances for many customers. People have reportedly been having to ask neighbors, friends and relatives for assistance so that they can fill up their cars and get to work.

Is it happening? Is this the thing that leads my incredibly cash-free country to do a bankrun and crash the system?

I'm kidding obviously, this won't have any effects outside our borders, but it's fascinating that banking systems can have these kinds of disturbances.

Floating City (
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This is everything I know about sowing. Saves me money on repairs


I assume this sub is just food, not solar Punk food

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