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This will be a home for all things related to the cultivation of cannabis. The preferred focus here will be organic and sustainable growing methods, but any cannabis growers or growers-to-be are welcome!

The moderator and community creator here is in a legal cannabis state. It is therefore assumed that everyone sharing photos and info about their grows is also doing so legally. If you're not, then keep that to yourself. Any mention of actively conducting a cannabis grow illegally will be removed. This is to protect our instance admin, and will be a zero-tolerance policy.

Happy growing!

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[OC] X3 ☘️LST on Amnesia & Triple G


Skunk #1 clone, week 9 or 10.

Needs a little more time, but they are not gaining the weight I was hoping for...

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[Description: A sloped hill covered in green cannabis plants so thick you can't see the ground through their leaves. More plants are barely visible through mist in the background.]


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2x clones and 2x from seed. Still vegging for a couple more days.


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24 hour supercrop recovery.

I did push the branches down to take the picture so you can see the supercropped part of the stem. Trellis will go in tomorrow.

These plants are hella resilient.

Any of these worth a run? (
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I have very limited tent space and am not familiar with these genetics as I received them from a buddy. The two red bags and the white bag are Lit Farms and Ethos in the other. Anyone have any first hand experience with either company?

Google tells me lit can be very temperamental and read a lot of negative press about ethos, but positive on their quality. Appreciate your time!

Old School Cool (
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Hey guys I’m running my first organic run with BuildASoil 3.0. As I understand it this mix is pretty much an “all in one” for the majority of the grow (I am assuming I need to, and plan on adding, a flower amendment and/or tea). The plant is currently in veg, from seed.

The soil is absolutely amazing and the plant loves it. Once 4+ nodes sprouted I started my classic stress training technique which is sort of a modification on main lining — that is to say, it’s high stress.

I’m wondering if anyone recommends amending the soil during veg, specifically with the plant recovering from stress training? I’ve noticed it’s been looking slightly less healthy, and blame the stress training as that usually knocks her down for a week or so. But ultimately I’m just wanting to make sure she has the best environment to grow in! 🥰

Can upload pics if necessary but I’m not so much looking for any “diagnoses”, but rather just some input from other organic growers who have been at it longer than I have!


Blueberry and Durban Poison Flower Week 7

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Hi, I have a nice little plant which I’m quite proud of, because I still suck at this. It’s a “wedding crasher” from RQS and so far I’ve trained and scrogged it. It’s been in veg for about two months and now it’s been blooming for around two weeks. I’ve noticed that it stopped smelling, like at all. I can open the box without any smell coming at me. Even when I put my nose against one of the buds I get a very faint smell. It did smell for a while, before and after triggering the bloom. I’m quite worried because I had one plant during the summer which was severely heat stressed and it also didn’t smell very much. It sucked so bad I didn’t even smoke it.

I think I might have overdone it with the nutrients, at least thats the most common suggestion on the internet. I used Advanced Nutrients grow, micro, bloom with addons, without really keeping a schedule. Every watering (1,5l of water) I’ve added at most 4ml of bases and 3ml of addons. Last two waterings however went in without any nutrients and it's pretty much the same. There is no nutrient burn on the leaves, and I don’t really see any worrying signs. Humidity is at around 45% during the day and around 60% during the night, temps are 23/20℃. It averages around 1500ppm of co2 because it’s winter and I keep my windows closed.

Do you have any suggestions as to what might be wrong?


Hey all, I'm looking to expand my grow and was wondering if anyone has seen some great deals in the past I may need to watch out for.

Trying to put in a new tent and pick up some genetics for a good deal.

Happy Growing!



Finished trimming #3 last night, she was the last plant. Final yield from all 3 plants was 922g of bud and 144g of trim 😎

The strain is Deep Line Alchemy 11 (Vintage Pakistani x 88g13/Hashplant) from Bodhi. I started from 6 seeds on June 14, acclimated them to the heat wave a month later, then moved them into a 4x6 greenhouse (too small!) to finish up. I ended up with three females, final chop was on October 11.

Plant #2 turned out really larfy (except for the giant cola) and doesn't smell as good as the others but I'm hoping the cure will improve it a bit. I'm not complaining, I still got well over 20oz of good bud out of this grow. I'm set for a while now! 🌲🌲🌲



Finished trimming #1 yesterday, final yield was 301g of bud and 35g of trim.

(Not pictured: 10g from a branch that broke off 10 days early, she was a decent smoke so I’m looking forward to the finished product!)

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I chopped #3 yesterday, the final plant from my Deep Line Alchemy 11 grow. Not a lollipop, I let her grow naturally but I’d already cut the branches before I took the picture.

This gal was the one that topped herself naturally not once but twice!

#2 had the biggest main cola of the three plants, but the three colas on this one combined are more bud I think.


Hello all,

I am about to become a gardener as well, but I am a blank slate. Since I live in an apartment in the city and without the possibility of using the garden (balcony is also not possible), I am toying with the idea of getting a decent and large indoor grow box.

However, the offer is quite large and quite confusing. Does anyone have experience with these things? Which are particularly recommended? The price does not matter for now. I'm willing to pay decent money for it to have something neat and durable.

Do you have any recommendations? What do I have to look out for?

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#3 looked farther along a week ago but #2 leapfrogged her and was ready to chop yesterday. Had to get a shot of that beautiful cola before the final cut!

She's drying in the attic now, #1 should be going in the jars in a couple of days.

Strain is Deep Line Alchemy 11 from Bodhi Seeds.

1 down, 2 to go! (
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Vintage Pakistani x 88g13/hp (Deep Line Alchemy 11), 1 plant is chopped and drying as of yesterday. The other 2 old ladies should be ready in about 1-2 weeks.


Growers interested in using biological control are encouraged to begin by using beneficial nematodes to manage fungus gnats. Beneficial nematodes are relatively easy to use but must be applied properly in order to be effective.


Hello all,

I am trying my hand at growing a few plants indoors and noticed some recent changes I thought might be a problem. As you will see from my photos, some of my leaves are turning brown/yellow and the stalks are turning red. Is this something to worry about?

I started these seedlings outdoors, and moved them into a tent last month. I am watering them every few days, only when the soil feels dry. I've been using Arber Plant Food every couple weeks. My tent has an outtake fan/filter and inner fan. I've been keeping the temp at about 70 and humidity around 60%.

I read that the reddening stalks is due to the plants being too close to the grow light, but my light is at the very top of the tent (60" high). I've also got it set to the second lowest brightness. The light is on an 18 hour timer as I heard that is what is necessary during the vegetative stage.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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