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Credit goes to Zoe Baker

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On the other hand, it’s frustrating to see Japan’s purity culture around female celebrities portrayed so neutrally (not sure if that will change going forward).

SpoilersOh, it will! It's one of the major arcs.

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I'm not too familiar with this studio, but the animation looks a bit... cheap. I hope it doesn't get too jarring because the original story is really good and it deserves a worthy adaptation.

manga spoilersDid you notice *her*?

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There's a game called Suck Up that is basically that, you play as a vampire that needs to trick AI-powered NPCs into inviting you inside their house.

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  • Definitely on the feminine side of gender, but I'm also tomboyish and don't give much of a damn about gender roles. No fluidity to speak of.

  • Bisexual homoromantic. I've always knew I liked girls, but accepting that I can find some boys cute took a lot more processing to finally accept. Partly because of my OCD feeding me intrusive thoughts about sexuality for most of my teens.

  • Social tolerance: it's... complicated? Irl I'm the type that starts out very reserved, but if I spend enough time with someone, something in my head clicks and then I never shut up when I'm with them.

Any men I’ve had romantic interest in shared some feminine traits, so ‘femromantic’? Is that a thing?

Something like finsexual maybe? Finromantic?

Intuitively introverted, though have become more outgoing lately, so not strictly introverted.

I think that introversion/extroversion and reclusion/outgoingness are actually different spectrums. You can be outgoing but still need time alone to recharge your social batteries.

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ehehehe boobies

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But spoiling them is the best part of keeping pets.

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Just. Why?

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Yes, Daniel, a few minutes of eclipse happening every couple years renders solar completely useless. Let's just keep burning the dead dinosaur juice.

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Not so Shoujo Love Story

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It's always worth it.

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Had this happen but I wasn't the only one; one lonely soul before me had the same issue and never got a solution. In the end it stayed unsolved and I just used a workaround.

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I doubt the mermaids have neoliberal capitalism though 🤔

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