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Assolutamente sì 😂

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È un'app molto carina e semplice, ma soprattutto @DieguiTux8623@feddit.it è molto disponibile nella correzione (anche la domenica mattina).

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A man has been arrested in Kern County, California, for allegedly removing human remains, a leg, from a location other than a cemetery.

You're telling me that removing it from a cemetery would have been ok?

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I mean, this is less than surprising. Common media in Russia tell Russian people lies forged by the Cremlin, why shouldn't textbooks? It's perfectly logic from the Cremlin's perspective. Despicable, but logic.

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Parton wrote this song when she was about to leave her music mentor Porter Wagoner.

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His problem it's not the snow itself, but the fact that the snow has been moved onto a walkable trail to clear some parking spots.

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I get why he is lister as screenwriter for various works, but as an actor I think that's totally wrong.

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È morto Akira Toriyama

È morto Akira Toriyama


Muore #AkiraToriyama, con il suo #DragonBall ha contribuito alla diffusione della cultura #manga in occidente.

Dal comunicato ufficiale:

"Akira Toriyama è venuto a mancare il 1 marzo a causa di un’emorragia subdurale acuta"

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2024: announcing the year of the OpenStreetMap vector maps | OpenStreetMap Blog

Grosse novità all'orizzonte! Quest'anno dovrebbe essere l'anno in cui su OSM.org arriverà finalmente un layer vettoriale.


Grosse novità all'orizzonte! Quest'anno dovrebbe essere l'anno in cui su OSM.org arriverà finalmente un layer vettoriale.

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Nav bar buttons are customizable, but there are only 5 the user can choose from. I'd like to have a button for my profile in the nav bar (for example: I don't need the history button), but at the moment there's no way to add it.

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The wider the segment, the more cooked/burnt the bread gets. So, for black bread clockwise, for warm bread anti-clockwise.

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I'm from Italy and the first time we had a family vacation in the US we were honked a lot because we would stop at red lights. Only after 3 days we discovered that there's the "turn-on-red" rule and we were confused: if it's red, why can you turn?

In Italy (but I guess in all Europe works like this) we have a different approach on these situations: if the driver is at a traffic light and can make a turn, but it could be unsafe, the light turns into a blinking yellow light, so that the driver know that it must check well before going on.

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I wait until it costs 20 € or less. No need to hurry, if it's a game is good now, it will be good in 2 years.

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I think that's because there were surgery rooms where students can watch operations from above

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Privacy: trackers, trackers, trackers Security: you can't know where you would be taken with a short link. A legit website? A malicious website? Who knows.


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