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A place to share practical, durable and quality made products that are made to last, with an emphasis on upcycled and sustainable products!


Things that are well-made and durable (even if they won't last a lifetime) are A-Okay!

Unlike that other BIFL place, Home-made and DIY items are encouraged here, as long as some form of instruction is included in the body of the post.

Videos links are not allowed as post titles, but you may use them in a text post.

A limited amount of self-promotion is accepted, IF the item you are selling aligns with this criteria:

  1. The item must be made with sustainable or recycled materials.
  2. If electronic in some way, the item must be open-source.
  3. The item must be user-serviceable (if applicable).
  4. You cannot be a large corporation.
  5. The post must be clearly marked with a [Self Promotion] tag in your title.

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Willing to consider alternate styles such as parkas, as long as it includes a head covering

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This post has some discussion on it. The tl;dr is that for a BIFL item, you need to ask yourself if you need a hiking jacket that is water resistant and can breathe, or if you need an actually waterproof jacket that doesn't breathe.

If you want a hiking jacket, they are mainly a consumable item, but you can get some that hold up better than others; look for a 3 layer construction. I'd really advise not using a hiking jacket as a "walking around town" jacket.

For a "walking around town" jacket, you can go with an oiled or waxed fabric if you want to stick with non-synthetics. If you are okay with synthetics, you can go for a polyurethane jacket that is 100% waterproof. Polyurethane rain jackets seem to have fallen out of favor over the past 25 years as people have preferred lightweight goretex jackets with PFAS coatings. I googled around to see who even makes good PU jackets, and it looks like despite being a otherwise pricy brand, Helly Hansen makes cheap PU jackets.

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You can't really go wrong with anything Patagonia. I'm not sure what your specific need is, but they probably have a jacket that would fit your need.

If you you're not interested in paying full price check out their used clothing.