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A couple of years ago I built two ram pumps and installed them in the stream near my house. They pumped water for the garden for a few months during spring and summer. I'm okay with the fact that the pumps are just useful during part of the year, but didn't really like damming up the entire stream for my installation, seemed rude towards wildlife.

So this year I returned with a longer tube and just took the water from further upstream. I have only about 70cm head. I haven't really measured the height I'm getting, but it's more than the first year and enough for what I want to do.

My installation in the stream is very simple: fence post hammered/wedged into the stream bed, pump tied to it with wire. Everything wobbles a tiny bit. Might return and solidify that later, but I love it when stuff is so simple that I can just throw it into the stream and it works. After a while of pumping by hand it just runs. Variations in water height might stop it as it sits low in the water. Will report back tomorrow.

This is for a reservoir IBC and washing tank outside the kitchen. I'm thinking about adding a solar heating panel in there as well.

The image is of a smaller kid-sized pump that I want to turn into a demonstration model to take to markets and fairs.

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Events and markets

We've hired a bouncy castle (bf insists it's crucial for any event, I suspect he just wants to get a good bounce himself), went to the alternative fair and second hand market two towns away and distributed flyers (and got more good food, some chili plants and some good bits of talk in the process). We met the local organizer of that fair who recently came to local fame by chasing the police off the market grounds and tearing up their notes when they got too annoying taking people's identities. An approach to keep in mind.


I have set up a meeting with a small group of people who might create a special corner at the event where ideas, wishes, inspiration for a cooperative and community center can be gathered. Incidentally: as in my mind a gradual shift from community center to cooperative happened, someone dear and close has objected to anything too business-focused, and they have a point. Where on one hand the beast having some outside legal structure would make a lot of things more easy - on the other hand the inside form of support and solidarity must be remembered, and remain the inner core of this. Edit: the small group is growing larger. Looks like we are having a full on meeting about the community itself.


The small-ish group of people (or local witches' coven as bf preferred to call it) gathered (more tasty food) and a lot of positive energy towards the event was generated, messages sent out, support organized, it was also the first time I had occasion to present a somewhat coherent version of the whole project idea (not just the event) to a few people who all seem to be the competent, not easily offended, practically-minded types who could actually pull off something good. Whatever that might be. Someone asked me how I would feel if all that came out of the event were more regular events in the future, and no coop. I said I would consider it great, that I'd be happy with anything more than what we've got now.

Someone else reminded me of something important I must not forget: if I want people to join a cooperative I need to explain what a cooperative is. And that will force me to actually understand all the intricate details of how coop accounting and employment and decision taking works. The last person to arrive today turned out to know accounting for normal (non-cooperative) companies in the country and is really motivated to get involved, it will be super-helpful to have someone ELI5 me the terminology and concepts!

I had a lot of questions about the money today. I'm actually dumping some of my savings into this (as a somewhat unusual investment in the future). Not horrible amounts, but I don't really have an income right now and just set a sum aside and decided to make this event happen. I suspect some people might think I'm secretly rich, hope to be able to clear that up. I also hope that some paid work (or better, work within a coop setup) comes my way after the event, to stock up the savings again which are for buying our own small homestead. If we blow too much on parties it will be a really tiny homestead lol.


I've decided to create an instance of Agora to connect people interested in cooperative activities. It's the result of quite a few different self-hosting experiments around different collaboration online services and fediverse platforms. For the people I am trying to serve the Fediverse would be too much at this point I think, so a collaboration platform with a simple news board, file sharing, forum, chat (which I might remove as it will get mixed up with the forum) and neat email functions so send group emails.

After many painful attempts at conversations with people who go visibly dead inside when a technical term like 'server' is mentioned, I realized it needs to be very very simple. The somewhat retro look of Agora might actually help the users find their way around. Then again, someone just added me to yet another Whatsapp group around discussing sth sth cooperative, only that by the nature of Whatsapp I can't see what has been discussed already, so we might as well start at point zero, and that's where I go dead inside o_O

I hate big corpo social media with a passion, so I'm happy to start assembling a few people on this tiny Agora...

I only needed 9 users (incidentally the amount necessary to create a cooperative) to have the first disagreement. Anyway the platform will be more useful when an actual cooperative or other groups are formed that want to coordinate things. For networking to get new people to join it's not really useful, but I like to know that it works before it's needed.

People being people

In the background, some drama around a food buying group organized by another budding coop further away took place, and there always seems to be someone who ends up offended. Well. I've also been added to a messenger group of yet another currently offended party of the surroundings, and of course will try to make them un-offended and involved in the event. I'm curious if I meet anyone on this interesting adventure who manages to push my buttons, it's been a while since I've been offended. Being neurofunky seems to help, mostly I don't even notice when people are trying to be mean (and I might realize it weeks later but by then it's just funny).

Good vibes

All in all, a lot of good vibes are being generated. Yesterday I walked into the local builders shop, our potential neighbours, to drop some flyers, and they were positively enchanted, and will hopefully help out with some material. This evening, people were beaming, and thanking (?) me (??) schmorp, a simple bog creature (???), for creating this initiative!

If you are a lonely bog creature out there reading this: maybe you find it in you to try and build something for your community. Maybe they really enjoy it! What would you like to see thriving? Dream it up, and make it one step at a time! (DISCLAIMER: For some things, one step at a time can mean years. If you are a very young bog creature you might have to start small, or first learn a lot of things. But if you just proceed honestly and stubbornly, seeds will fall and grow!

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You are probably correct, there's probably gravity energy applications where water isn't the best option.

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No. This problem has been solved long ago, with water. Water is already providing gravitational energy storage all over the world. I don't think using different types of weight adds value to the process.

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This reminds me very much of Riddley Walker, have you read it?

Is physics true now? Is truth something with exactly defined borders?

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No, I prefer to draw or knit and just let my thoughts run free. Which might or might not be the same.

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It's great to be able to run a server with functioning stuff on it when one doesn't know anything about servers. Anything else around self-hosting would have been too much of an intimidating learning curve for me, but in the meantime I've picked up a lot of knowledge and terminology just by running the YH. It's like training wheels, it's great if you know a bit of tech stuff, but not enough.

I think it will last me a while before I outgrow it, don't have enough time to really sit down and study server administration to the point where I feel safe to not fuck it up. I'll let you know 😅

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Ironically this well done instruction makes me feel sad there's none of those glowing surfaces in my town.

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Are they anti-container or just anti-Docker, I wonder?

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Just before your post about Karrot I finally (re-)installed Agora on Yunohost as a collaboration suite. First few users onboarded and praying it works. It's a bit ugly but does the job. Karrot looks to be more map-focused than Agora from a very fleeting look, I don't think I've seen it in the Yunohost catalogue.

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If you have tried several self-hosting platforms like the above, please share your experience.

I have so far only tried Yunohost and I'm quite satisfied. It does help to read French, sometimes solutions can be hidden in French forum topics.

Coop Cloud seems to be docker-based, as far as I understand, and I just never managed to wrap my head around containers and why I should use them. Not sure though if Yunohost does container stuff in the background that I am not aware of?

I've just started to use my Yunohost installation for some small scale collaborative stuff so I really hope it scales (to probably not more than 100 users) and keeps running smoothly. Starting to host common stuff is a little more scary than just fucking up my own private files.

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Connecting with the community

This week we have been starting to reach out to the local foreign community, both personally and on social media. As home butchers, punk rockers and fairly old farts we don't have that much overlap with many of the younger folks who are mostly into yoga, spiritual stuff and vegetarian food. But everybody loves to get together on markets, and everybody is affected by the overwhelm of general dystopia combined with trying to build something better in a foreign country. People do want to build some form of community.

So just by going out there and meeting people (involving food always helps to make things more enjoyable!) a lot of things are happening already. We are eating a lot of cake. We gave away quite a few of the many trees we left to sprout over winter. Hope people care for them and plant them out! We also were gifted seeds, plants and good advice. I met someone again who had kept Harold, a long-forgotten sourdough I once made, alive over 4 years - it brought me to tears to get some of that fucker back and bake good bread again! A solar oven, built during an earlier project attempt, might resurface at some time and a better follow-up model be built.

Why I now believe wholeheartedly that even the tiniest push towards better is always worth it, no matter how weak it seems to be? All this grows on seeds that were planted in the past, where somebody went to some effort to create a world with more kindness and more diversity. A welding workshop for girls I attended when I was 12, organized by some feminist youth worker group in my city. A non-religious temporary tea temple on a beach and the most simple spirituality being a freely offered cup. Human decency in places where I was told it couldn't exist. Seeing someone daring to be different, and taking courage from that. Making a sourdough, and giving it away to someone. Someone choosing to run a decidedly hopeful Lemmy instance.

Whatever you can do, even if its immediate impact seems too small to matter, will matter. Maybe it takes 40 years to reach a noticable size, but it's never lost.

Next steps: I expect a lot more cake in the next weeks, and have invited a few people to discuss cooperative ideas.

Now we need to take care of the practical things for the market. We didn't like the mega-corporation attitude of the toilet rental, so we decided to be cheeky and will set up compost toilets on top of IBCs. If somebody wants to cause a stink because some law let them bring it on. We are also planning a pre-party to clean the space and build the toilets.

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Web browsers were very limited compared to today's offerings but still very extensive when compared to other applications. Now, browsers on desktop are at a point where they're equivalent to an OS in scope.

This frustrates me as it's led to stagnation, where very few companies can hold their position. Firefox can only keep up due to preexisting groundwork and the large amount of funding from Google. Chrome had billions thrown at it to quickly enter the market.

The thing that kills it the most for me is there is no way to fix the massive amount of effort needed for a web browser. It's extensive because it has to deal with thousands of situations: image rendering, video rendering, markup language support (HTML), CSS support, JavaScript support, HTML5 support, security features, tabbed browsing, bookmarking and history, search engine integration, cross-platform compatibility, performance optimisation, developer tools, accessibility features, privacy controls, codec support, to name a few.

Now, for my unpopular opinion: stripping back a general-purpose browser to its core, forcing web redesign, and modularising the browser. Rather than watching videos in the browser, an instance of VLC would be started where the video will be streamed. Instead of an integrated password manager and bookmarks, we have something akin to KeepassXC with better integration. Markup documents and articles automatically open in word processing applications. I know this idea seems wholly impossible now, but it often crosses my mind.

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Meeting the local council

Before the meeting I wrote another, slightly more detailed description of our project, ourselves (as vague as possible) and the event - all nice and harmless and aligned with the goals for sustainable development - sent it for a last minute proofreading to my kid, and printed it 30 min before the meeting (yes, printer acted up, I should have known better, but I managed).

Four people from the council were present, and they were really friendly and really tried to help. They would have preferred to just integrate our ideas into an event they are planning and not have to think about our separate event, but we just stayed firm, pointed out again that our important community project deserved its own event, reminded that we had this incredible space available. Not like they could have really stopped us. We ended up being offered the council's collection of stands, tables and benches for our event, and maybe a cleaning of the place. Plus, we get to promote the project on the other event as well.

Lots of events. What about the community center? In the last days I have been researching how to formalize our group-to-be and found someone who knows cooperative and association law and can give us advice, and I am reaching out to other existing groups for inspiration and advice.

Next weekend we will both promote the event at another market further away, and meet some people from the local foreign community to present our project ideas.

I'm confident this will manifest in some good things, and I'm also quite dizzy and surprised about the positive reactions so far.

Next steps: find more interesting participants for the event, promote the event, get the necessary equipment booked, start to outline the structure of the project with interested locals.

This thing is really starting to take off. Not bad for something conjured out of thin air and a 'For sale or rent' sign on an empty building!

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Did someone say airship?

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Setting a date for the introduction event and creating a buzz

We decided to set our date, designed posters and started publishing, mostly on FB and local groups on different messenger apps, despite silence from the town hall until today. I messaged the owner with our date. We also started contacting local people who we would like to invite, and set out requests for market vendors and artists.

This afternoon the town hall got back to us in a polite, but somewhat concerned sounding email, about 'clearing up doubts about our project and request for support' proposing a meeting next week! We are obviously delighted to be important enough to be honoured with a meeting, and have responded that 'we will happily introduce our project, clarify doubts and talk about support'.

We have already some artists and vendors, some associations wanting to present their work, and lots of people being very curious. Somebody offered us a translation and further help, someone else has been connecting me with potential organization structure examples our project could follow.

Best thing about all this: it's a community project and I feel very light about setting its seed and slowly sharing it with others. I am usually very anxious around other people and having to speak, scheduling stuff, having to present things ... and now it's just fun and I am so curious as to where this leads to.

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what if
the angel came
as a mushroom
or divorce
a disease or a despair
what if it kissed your head
so impossibly pale
you forget how to breathe
for a moment
for the lifetime of an empire
and then remember again

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Today we visited the local town hall and asked who to speak with about the initial fundraising and people-raising event. I quickly threw together a paper with the basic data and a wish list to try and get their support. Took only a few minutes and someone came to talk to us, said as we are on private grounds we need no licenses other than an insurance, and to email a formal request for support to the president.

Can't say that I really thought the town hall people would downright stop our event, but talking to politicians and public servants can be a little 'ew' (it wasn't in this case and many local people had advised us to go there and that they would be friendly, but we were nervous before). I'm glad to be able to present our important points about project and event in an email, anyways, which I find a lot easier than talking to people.

So it looks like this event is going to happen! Next step is crafting a beautiful email (currently in work) for the presidente!

Parallel to this work we have started contacting artists, possible collaborators, insurance company (266€ for the event, ouch!). Our date isn't really fixed yet, we plan for 2 months from here. I've started setting up a website, designed a crappy logo and wrote up some descriptions.

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Captcha buster is taking care of the captchas now at least. A robot that proves I'm not a robot. Is this the singularity yet?

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LinkedIn just isn't for Jobs Anymore. It's Now a Pile of Trash.

Ads about pushing your career, then more ads about how to create a better work life balance. And everybody seems to be a coach who tries to push their courses about the above mentioned topics. Thanks but I'll pass.

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I am a translator. Some decades ago the language industry introduced MT - some kind of precursor of LLM. The prices of translation jobs didn't change, and translators didn't lose their work entirely. But gradually we were offered more and more MTPE (euphemism for fixing the robot's shit) jobs, for a lower rate. Many older colleagues stayed with the few remaining translation jobs, young people starting out became "MTPE editors". These days there are a few translation jobs, many MTPE jobs, and more and more jobs in "AI output rating" - and the new generation will be working as an "AI linguistic assistant" or other such barbarity for even less money.

The tech isn't necessarily bad in itself, but what we have to wake up to is that tech is used to pay each generation after us a little less. We have to resist this and demand fair pay for fair work always - no matter if they want to call it 'translation', 'AI output review' or 'ertdfg sfdgs' - it has a price, and this price has to respect our dignity and enable a healthy life for us language workers and all other workers.

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'Anti Prom' in a library sounds like an event I'd attend. I'd prefer it with snakes though.

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