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Me someone without an illness who can sometimes process sound: Podcasts are a thing?

(I'll just naturally tune out random people talking about random things. Hell, I'll tune out just about anyone talking to my face about pointless topics. It's not intentional, it's just that my brain doesn't care and has more important things to concentrate on.)

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DD-WRT was practically born from Linksys routers, btw.

If you are actually "serious", you would be building your own access points and not focused on brands.

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Could I interest you in a maybe?

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Did the SC1 remaster allow for more than 2 players?

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Early access is almost/already over? The full unlock is on the 30th, I assume. I dunno if all the streamers showing it were on pre-early release or not.

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Stormgate should be out soon. It made its rounds already with SC2 streamers, so there are a few videos of beta gameplay out there. (It appears to be a modern SC2) From what I can see, it looks good but I honestly have no idea.

July 30 is the release date on Steam.

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I choose to believe that is was a pressure cooker at one point since it looks heavily modified. (You are probably correct though.)

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Just an addendum for clarification. If you don't want clarification, then yes: A slower connection may cause more battery drain.

A slower connection means you would need to be on your device longer which would result in a larger than normal perceived battery drain with normal use.

An unstable connection with lots of packet losses would cause chaos with the network stack on your phone leading to more memory consumption, unneeded encryption/decryption and possibly hung TCP sessions. That would be a battery suck. In the worst cases on older devices, could even cause your phone to get a little warmer. That gets worse if you VPN client has to constantly reconnect, which is another problem.

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Watch it without reading any critic reviews first, is my opinion. (When I watched Enterprise, it just so happened my opinions aligned with other people's complaints. I am glad I watched it first though.)

Things that people found divisive, I really didn't. Some changes probably caught everyone off guard, hence the major controversy of season 1, but at least it was plausible that the change could align with the rest of the Star Trek universe in some way. Maybe.

Like most other new shows, it can be a bit rocky as the writers develop the story and underlying theme.

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I read a few articles written by the author and the style is consistent. It seems to be written how she would talk: It almost reads like a script and not an article.

Of course, it's just a theory. Here is a paragraph where I would probably add a ton of vocal inflections:

Equally as obvious, or it should be, is that Suh’s feelings about the comedian have changed. The same can be said about many who once considered themselves part of the comic’s fanbase and others who still do. His supporters seem more entrenched in their allegiance to C.K. than ever out of a respect for comedy itself, free speech or taking a stand against the #MeToo movement or whatever concept of political correctness exists.

I would rarely write a sentence like this, but I would probably speak it:

His supporters seem more entrenched in their allegiance to C.K. than ever out of a respect for comedy itself

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(I got Rick and Morty garage vibes from that pic because of that very strange black machine in the background.)

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Ukrainian Attack Fish? Unmanned Aerial Fish? I dunno. The possibilities are endless.

Mac 'n Trees (
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A few hours later, I just discovered how long this cheesy noodle trend has been going on for.

Also, this idea was already taken by a previous poster who likely started this trend quite a few days ago, I see.

My mistake!


I am simply on a quest to find an effective non-distillation method for purifying isopropyl alcohol used for rinsing resin 3D prints.

I have seen some elaborate systems for curing and then filtering resin that is suspended in the isopropyl by running it through standard carbon water filters. That just seems a bit over-complex and does a poor job of removing dyes. In some cases, the filters are not fine enough and the isopropyl will eventually get "sticky".

It seems to me that a finer filtration system would work much better. Carbon and celite should catch most of the monomers and oligomers, but I am not sure about the photoinitiators and other additives.

Distillation is obviously the best method for purity, but there may be a worse cleanup and a higher fire hazard risk.

Are there better materials that I could use for filtering besides celite and carbon? IPA is tiny compared to the rest of the molecules I am dealing with so filtration seems viable.

(I should note that I would bulk develop the used IPA in clear plastic containers in the sun for a day or two first.)


Before I get into my comments, I just want to ask that if you haven't bought the dev a coffee, please buy him a coffee. Personally, I have bought several with the intent of covering for those who cannot. Our dev has earned it.

I am just going to say that Connect is awesome. Even through early development, when there were huge issues, it progressed at a good pace. And yeah, it has gotten super stable and functions great as a simple and easy to use Lemmy client.

I would also like to make clear that I respect this app as the sole devs creation. He/She is 100% able to direct this project as they see fit. Period.

However. One person development teams can be a serious risk to the longevity and stability of an app. People get tired and burned out. People have actual lives outside of working on a single app. People can just vanish from dev work. That is all normal.

With the recent Lemmy instance updates and some subtle bugs that are showing, my concern is that it may become a much larger challenge to keep this app up to date. In my limited dev experience, core API changes (or API bugs) are a royal pain in the ass to deal with. A person could spend more time just keeping their app functional instead of developing new features or working on minor bugs.

I was hoping that people in this community that have experience with the development of large open source projects, can contribute ideas for our dev that may make it palatable to open this project up to additional contributors.

I think the biggest things I would like to call out is that if this project is opened, it may damage any revenue that is being generated by this app for the dev and I don't want to see that happen. (People gotta work and people gotta eat. )

What open source licenses are available that would keep full control of this app in the hands of the original dev? (Is that even a viable option?)

Quite simply, other than opening this app up fully, I don't quite know exactly what I am asking for. It would be nice to keep full control of this app in the hands of the dev, while also allowing community development.

Just to reiterate, this post is not meant to be rude or pushy. If anything I said came off that way, it was absolutely not the intent and offer a humble apology if it did.


Edit: Just copy the original filename, Chinese and all, to a custom RERF file. It tested fine with the factory tests and also custom test parts I made. I didn't test with only "R_E_R_F.px6s" as the filename as I proved the original filename works fine with custom models.

Just got a new Anycubic Photon Mono X 6Ks and the RERF file on the included USB has Chinese characters in the name. ("R_E_R_Fchch.px6s" / ch being Chinese characters...) Does the printer require those characters for custom RERF test prints, or is it actually just "R_E_R_F.px6s"?

The documentation is unclear and online searching is jumbled with several issues regarding this filename across different printer models.


I am business dumb, but I have a very unique mix of skills I would like to turn into a side hustle. Needless to say, there is going to be a huge learning curve for me.

Sure, I could just sell 3D prints on Etsy, but I would rather focus on B2B type work with a more hands on approach than the Chinese print farms/PCB manufacturers. (I'll start an Etsy shop for practice, but that particular market seems extremely saturated.)

So, if you have started a business before, what are some basic things that you wish someone had told you before you did? Are there good books or other references I could use?


Update: Not a Connect issue.

Strange. I don't see this as a pinned post on that community, but yet, there it is. Did an admin pin a post from another instance on .ca somehow or is this a bug with Connect? (Strange things are happening like this since the last Lemmy update. I can't tell if it's a Connect issue, or a Lemmy issue.)


That feed is not /c/cat on, it seems.

I just logged out and logged back in with no change. I'll clear my cache to see if that helps and will update this post if successful.

Edit: Clearing the cache did not help. Must be a Lemmy API issue?

Edit 2: NSFW communities are not hidden in the faux community feed either. Thankfully, they are blurred, but not hidden. Posting a comment with a picture from what was supposed to be (Did I use "faux" correctly? I rarely use that word, so hopefully the intent shows.)

Edit 3: Ok, weird. cat on is broken from my account on .ca, but other communities are not, like business on lemmy on is also broken. The issue is more random than I thought.


Fenn and Sudo. (Yes. I am nerd and Sudo is "my" kitty.)


I am very much a DIY'er and doing my own HVAC repairs have never been out of the question. Actually, I have rebuilt a couple of systems, less the pressurized parts of the system.

HVACs are great until they aren't and the need for repairs always comes up at the worst possible time. It would be nice to know more details for those reasons.

If you ignore the direct question about charging an HVAC, there could actually be a small, slow leak in my system as it stands. That'll get troubleshot in due time. (Still, I don't think I have ever had a system that didn't need the system to be topped off after a few years, even with no detectable leaks...)

It doesn't seem difficult: Ensure system is at correct temperature; attach a gauge; depressurize/pressurize as needed.

There has to be some "gotchas" in there somewhere. The equipment is cheap enough and I am fairly sure I can source the correct refrigerant easy enough.

Aside from needing to store and manage a small supply of refrigerant and that there are some annoying risks (like a system freezing over, etc..), what cost factor and equipment am I not taking into account?


I am fairly sure that I am being laid off with other Sr. Engineers tomorrow and need some ideas. Basically, I saw a calendar mistake by HR, so oops!

Meh. It's gonna suck for a bit, but whatevers. Life is more important than a shit job. :)

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