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“Among the people I’ve dined with” This is where you’re going wrong.

It is not wrong. It is a counterexample, much like some of the other replies you are receiving.

Link me three sushi places in your area that do not serve rolls besides maki and don’t cost $100 a head, I’ll wait.

I am not going to dox myself to satisfy your quarrelsome self-importance. Good day.

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If I type in “Sushi Paris” the top three results all show rolls as the primary item on the plates.

More than a little selection bias is in play there. You've found restaurants with advertising budgets, which in many places is not representative of restaurants overall. I'd wager the bias is even stronger in big tourist cities.

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I was responding mainly to this:

What Japanese people would consider “normal” Sushi we call Nigiri.

The implication that "we" don't consider nigiri to be normal sushi doesn't match my experience at all. Among the people I've dined with, normal sushi is nothing like the "jam packed inside out rolls" you described. In other words, I think you're overgeneralizing.

Normal is not defined as what you seek out, but what’s most common in the area.

That's one sense of the word, sure. And in the areas where I've had sushi, the more traditional style is more common than the stuff you described. (It might be easy to miss, though, especially if you only notice restaurants with significant advertising budgets.)

I mentioned what I seek out not as a definition of "normal", but to demonstrate a response to what was already considered "normal" before I came along. I have rephrased that comment to try to make this more obvious.

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In my experience, the jam-packed, inside-out, sauce-drenched rolls are characteristic of chain restaurants and shopping districts in the west.

If you're near a big city, chances are there are also small, independent restaurants that make more traditional nigiri, maki, and sashimi. What they serve is what I consider "normal" sushi. It's the only kind I ever seek out.

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And reacts differently to abrasion, high heat, etc.

The silicone-coated stuff is generally called parchment paper. I've never seen plastic or oil-coated paper sold as wax paper.

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they bring the same level of confidence to the discussion when talking about topics they’ve no idea about.

Generally, I've found the discussion quality across these sites to be something like this:

HN > Lemmy > Reddit > 4chan

But yes, I have seen examples of incorrect confidence and bad-faith arguments on all of them. I don't think it can be escaped in a public forum of humans. :)

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I would love to see a return of wax paper instead of plastic bags.

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I found it uncomfortable on my phone's small screen.

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I’d suggest Mint. It’s Ubuntu minus Ubuntu-specific annoyances, so it’s right in your zone of familiarity.

Also, the Mint maintainers have a sound exit strategy (Linux Mint Debian Edition) in case Ubuntu ever goes too far off the rails.

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A tablet, you say? Seems like a good reason to finally try Unciv.

And maybe Organic Maps if the driver needs help navigating.

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Wrong community, IMHO.

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With Minnesota repeal, number of states restricting public broadband falls to 16.

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Paywall-free link: https://archive.ph/eGuHC

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M.U.L.E. Online (puzzud.itch.io)

For those who loved the classic Ozark Softscape game.

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