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If you want to be financially independent, stop buying avocado toast. Use the avocado to hold up a bank instead.

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Can't stop thinking about thought terminating cliches? Sounds like you need a thought terminating cliche!

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This is beautiful.

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Her goatee would tickle!

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A little late to respond to this, but a few things:

Track your protein intake. Likely you're getting in more than 30 unless you're just actively avoiding protein. Once you know how much you're taking in, shoot to increase your intake by a bit each week. Protein powder can help a lot with this, but if your goal is to lose fat then you're better off increasing protein from whole food sources at first (these will keep you fuller for longer).

As I mentioned above, increasing your protein intake will help you lose weight because you'll feel fuller and more satisfied after meals. You'll need to take in less calories than you burn, so you'll need to find a way to this that you can stick with. The #1 determiner of success is adherence - find something that you can stick with long term. I like to track my calories and protein, but other people like to eat low carb, low fat, mindfully eat, intermittently fast, etc. Sometimes it can take time to figure out what works for you, and it may take some experiementation to determine the approach that fits you best.

As for 10g of salt, I'm not sure why this is a goal of yours, but I'd 100% discuss this with your doctor before doing this. I'm assuming this might be because of some sort of underlying condition, but for most people that is a ton of salt to be taking in each day.

If you want to start weighing your food, buy yourself a kitchen scale and weigh it in a bowl. I weigh it cooked (there is a difference in weight between raw vs cooked). There are apps that can help out with figuring out how many grams of protein are in X amount of a food, but you can also just Google it. Alternatively, a palm sized portion of a lean cooked protein source (chicken breast, lean beef, etc) is usually about 25g of protein, so that might be an easier thing for you to do.

Caloric intake will be the #1 determiner of fat loss. Activity in the form of exercise will help, but not as much as cutting back on calories - focus on food intake first. Exercise is great for you, though - I would look at exercise as a way to improve your health vs as a way to burn more calories.

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This didn't let me down.

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Studies show that 1 in 4 people will ascend, but this condition may not last.

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So if someone was fingerblasting Frodo with the ring on, and then someone cut their finger off mid fingerblast, you're saying that only the finger would turn invisible, and not Frodo? Even if it's in his butt?

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I'm jealous, those look so good! We have the annoying ones here that taste like nothing. I think they're called wood strawberries or something like that.

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Yes. Tuesday is the superior day.

You've gotten over the jarring shock of Monday, and nothing is happening in your life on a Tuesday night after COB.

Teefs (
Why not both? (
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I think that teaching classes would be interesting. I have a lot of industry experience, but I never actually got a degree in the field I work in, and I don't have any sort of degree that deals with teaching. Is it possible to get a job as a teacher without those?

Edit: I'm in the US specifically looking at teaching college courses, but K-12 could be interesting, too.


Got some spruce tips, but they basically have no flavor. Am I picking at the wrong time? Or maybe it's just a bland tree?


Sort of similar to the Great Filter theory, but applied to time travel technology.

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My fig tree is putting out figs! I grew this tree from a cutting that a neighbor let me take from her tree. Here's what the figs look like when ripe:


I'm re-watching The Magicians with my wife, since she's never seen it. It's been long enough since I watched it last that I don't remember a lot of things that happened, so there's a lot of "I forgot got that!" moments for me, which is fun.

Every time (
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Just let me eat my cheese

Ice cream bread (

Cake made with two ingredients - melted ice cream and self rising flour.

My ramps came back! (

I honestly thought I had killed them last year, but here they are, popping up. There were several more that I planted under a fig tree in my yard.

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