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That's good news I guess? But it's not the end of this story, right?

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lliks [T]issue

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What's up with the wonky language?

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Nice, UX is clearly a top priority (;

I'll have to try and see if FD does the same bullshit though

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I don't really know, that might be true in some places but not here in Sweden. We have public service TV and radio that's free and add free. OFC the don't have everything and you'll probably end up watching things from other places anyways but it at least decreases the class divide.

However things on the internet are still as true. Not because it's that hard to use a add blocker but it's still mostly tech sawy people that do.

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What's up with find? I've got so used to fd that I don't understand what this is referring to

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Yes, we gotta love Ben Eater. Sad to see that this post got so down voted

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What is your experience with the search quality of 4get?

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Not really? It has alot of icons which are all driven by nerd font. Also you can basically use any font you want, neard just addes some extra glyphs

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They Nordic countries type of socialism may not be a replacement for capitalism (I live in Sweden so I'd know) but works alot more like the type of socialism that's common in Europe.

This terminology might not be on spot but I still think the Nordic countries are what most people would refere to as at least a little bit socialist. Maybe the proper term is social democratic?

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Yes i know it's not perfect and the exact positions might not be completely accurate but I still think the overall picture it paints it useful. Maybe we aren't the most democratic countries but we're defently democratic. You can check this whit whatever source you happen to prefere

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From a Swedish standpoint, this is just nonsense. The Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Island and Denmark) are all in the top six most democratic countries in the world (according to The economist, England). These are were much socialist countries and most definitely democratic.

Then you have china, soviet and alike. Those are countries that call(ed) themself communist. I will argue that that's however mostly used as a label to legitimate the government and to obscure what they really are, in the same manner north Korea is formaly named the democratic people's republic of Korea (DPRK). Those countries does/did not operate as communist states the way that Marx and other political theorists imaginend them.

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We have basic words for the numbers zero to three, so why not use them to count?

  • None (0)
  • Single (1)
  • pair (2)
  • Multiple (3+ but we'll use it as three)

So with those "digits" we can construct some numbers:

  1. Single
  2. pair
  3. Multiple
  4. Single nothing
  5. Single single
  6. Single pair
  7. Single multiple
  8. Pair of nothing
  9. Pair of singels
  10. Pair of pairs

And of course we can construct bigger numbers like:
42 = 4²×2+4¹×2+4⁰×2 = pair of pairs of pairs
128 = 4³×2 = pair of absolute complete nothinges For this last one I just use some adjectives to repeat the "nothing" as it looks really weird with multiple nothing in a row.

The distance between Stockholm and Gothenburg is a single multiple of none multiple multiples

Could I have a single multiple of bananas please?

shit (

I saw this on the street today and found it very funny

Hell yeah, a jorilla (
Hell yeah, a jorse (
hell yeah, a jat (
wormhole (
hell yeah (
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And do believe that I, this random guy on the internet has a soul

I personally don't believe that I anyone else has a soul. From my standup I don't se any reason to believe that our consciousness and our so called "soul" would be any more then something our brain is making up.

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Like just commenting a friendly joke, a compliment or something like that

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