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That's a great call, thank you, I've only been thinking about the handle assuming blades are blades, I'll get a few differnet ones to decide what works best for me

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Oh Gillette's got far fancier, I'm sure they're on 7+ blades now, I'm not sure what they're all for but they do cost a bit

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Thanks, I'll check that community out. On vintage razors, there's a good chance I've got a Grandad's razor somewhere that works just fine with current blades, looks like they've not changed design. Should look into that first

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It looks like even if I set it once and stick with it, it's worth it to go adjustable, they're all reasonably priced and it gives me options later, thanks


My big stack of cartridge razor blades has just run out and I'd like to replace it with something less wastefull, and from what I hear a safety razor gives a better shave too.

From what I can see there's no big difference beyond personal preferance on ergonomics, but are there any brands to avoid? Any well regarded? Can I just get anything? Anything I might not have thought about?

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I think, left to right, that's a Fiat 3000, Renault FT, Schneider CA and Fiat 2000. Expect to be wrong with the first 2 because there where quite a few similar variants

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I can never tell with things like this if it's a US fashion trend that hasn't made it out yet or if this is just an internet thing that doesn't really exist. Either way not seen an increase in mustaches

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It literally says "There is no problem". All the examples you give are problems. You're arguing for drone strikes for shits and giggles

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This is somewhat of a myth by exageration, the US supported the mujahideen, people seem to equate the Taliban and the mujahideen but only a small subset of them became the Taliban, a good number of them would become the Northen Alliance who would resist the Taliban. And it must be said while the US had been the masters of imperialism lately that's no excuse for Soviet imperialism

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They'll be on parole for life if released after the minimum sentence and there's no guarantee they get released after the minimum sentence but the burden of proof would then be on them still being a risk, there's a handful of prisoners (maybe most famously Charles Bronson) who never get released

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If anyone would like some obstalces, I think I may have picked up too many, going free

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The chicken comes out of the egg, the egg comes out of the cloaca

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