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What are you absolutely Notting?

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Dogs aren't put down for their meat, so the discussion of the acceptability of putting dogs down is not based on their meat.

Thus, the point is about humans simply killing animals.

This isn't about the human imposed utility, it's about if it's fine for humans to decide what animals live and die. Humans don't need beef to live, there are other foods, so humans make a human centric choice to kill cows.

Since humans are deciding what, based purely on human wants, why would dogs be free of that assessment?

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Woah I think I just saw some neurons firing

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Displacement based on ethnicity and combat also counts

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I'm sure folks are just lending super helpful tidbits

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I bet more cows are killed in a year than all shelter dogs on earth.

So, for most folks, the "no death" argument is silly

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They should require a license to own and a reason to be bred

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A Chihuahua can be yeeted into the stratosphere by 99% of humanity. Not so for other breeds

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Got that billy gates up in ya

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It's shareholders vs shareholder. Leverage is derived by stake

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Very cool. I'd like to see more of these... Multi image old school paintings. The mixed composition seems unique for the time

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Do I have full phase and state control of that 1 ml of water, and can also move it around, magneto style? Do I always keep all 1ml in my control?

You could cause a lot of havoc with that

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Just seems like everything is "this company did this to their employees" and less about "this novel messaging protocol offers these measured pros and cons." Or similar

And yes, I could post things, but I'm referring to what hits the top, 12h.

Can anyone rec communities with less of a biz and politics and wfh vs in-office vibe?

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