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Lemmy.ml enters the chat

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The picture is perfect. But they keyboard needs to have way too many keys.

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The OG 757s are good shit.

It is the new stuff that you want to avoid.

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Does steamworks not have a notion of a parent organization or enterprise? That’s what most other design and development tools do.

If someone leaves, the parent enterprise remains, and new people can be added to the enterprise and can be granted rights over the content.

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Articles only. No videos.

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Good news is that it takes Microsoft eons to update a user experience. So this will probably be the experience for the next decade.

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Obligatory non-fanboy warning: I say this as someone who generally dislikes Microsoft’s contemporary software and avoids Windows on their personal computers.


It looks like users are prominently presented the option to disable Recall during the first launch.

Controls from the start

During setup of your new Copilot+ PC, and for each new user, you're informed about Recall and given the option to manage your Recall and snapshots preferences. If selected, Recall settings will open where you can stop saving snapshots, add filters, or further customize your experience before continuing to use Windows 11. If you continue with the default selections, saving snapshots will be turned on.

You'll see Recall pinned to the taskbar when you reach your desktop. You'll have a Recall snapshot icon on the system tray letting you know when Windows is saving snapshots.

You can turn on or off saving snapshots at any time by going to Settings > Privacy & security > Recall & snapshots. You can also pause snapshots temporarily by selecting the Recall icon in the system tray on your PC and selecting the pause option.

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