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The IzzyOnDroid repo for FDroid has Proton Mail. Plus contacts are accessible in the Mail app. But 100% agree with calendar and drive!

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Viruses have always been both quite simple and intricate. Recent advances in lab tech has allowed for a more detailed understanding to be possible that wasn't feasible before. Viruses have evolved to only posses the absolute basics as they mainly utilize the host's machinery. Each virus family is more related to it's host than to any other virus family. Meaning they all have a unique approach for infection and replication. This being the case, I find all research into viruses to be relevant as there's still so much to learn.

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In the big picture, it's due to the microscopic world having massive implications across life. I've also lost friends and family to autoimmune disorders and cancer, so my long term goal is to improve our understanding in the field. Immunology is super fascinating, but there's more we don't know than we know about the immune system. We don't even understand how fever works or Tylenol from start to finish for example!

What makes you stoked about physics?

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Mines a toss up between microbiology and immunology, but I also totally get your favorite as it's the basis for all sciences!

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Fedora SecureBlue is hardened Fedora, and Fedora is also the base layer for Qubes as it's all in all quite secure and private with some setting changes. I don't know, but Qubes is top tier in my book. Tails OS could be another option if you're that big on privacy and security though.

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Qubes OS is Snowdens daily driver, Fedora SecureBlue is also designed with security and privacy in mind.

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Seeking the good of the whole makes one confront the depraved world we live in head on.

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It's a fully open sourced app store for android. The code of all apps in the F-Droid repository are reviewed before being made available. So this is why the F-Droid version wont have these settings, as it'll be an older version.

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You could just use the version on F-Droid until Fossify releases their fork of it. But ya, wild how basically out of no where Simple Mobile sold out tough.

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Even without being a programmer, associating Free Software with a MASSIVE purchase is bonkers.

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Google Wallet - Google = Wallet

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Using gentry as a slam indicates he views himself as royalty. Gentry is defined as "people of good social position, specifically the class of people next below the nobility in position". FUCK SPEZ!!!

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