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Was watching a YT video against this idea. Basically the occupancy is quite low per dollar, and generally there's not much expertise in building them. This means the city/state is tied to one company which can ream them price-wise. If you need the occupancy, get a train.


Amazing talk by Prof. Steve Keen. The original Unlearning Economics ;)

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"we just grind that shit up till it's microscopic and inject it straight into your balls. Bingo Bango! No more plastic waste...o"

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Next you're all gonna say I should use dentures to chew my own food rather than have my underage slave girls chew it and spit in my mouth. You people disgust me.

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Sorry testicles...

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Didn't Lenin later write "whoops. Turns out we made the same thing as the previous guys"

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I think it's a combination of:

  • Voters who believe climate change is a hoax so trying to claim victory here might not give returns, so it's better to do it quietly
  • Voters who believe climate change is real are going to be looking at this as not enough action given what the IPCC is saying

So this spate of legislation is tepid for both sides, so it doesn't really "make" news. As far as Fox & other right wing media, going into the detail of climate change just hurts their message because no one can look at detail and not immediately realise that there's "something to this climate change mumbo jumbo", so covering this is actually toxic for them. They are better off sticking to the top-level "it's a hoax they want to kill your babies" or whatever.

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In that case Steam flatpak isn't really what you want. You probably want to use Bottles, which creates a flatpak-like sandbox. This is not a guarantee or anything, but does give you some protection (at least, better than running it on Windows I guess).

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If you don't use steam because it's a shady source, I guess Bottles would be your go-to. I think parent is talking about if you bought a game off steam.

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Barnaby Joyce??!?!?!?!??!??

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There's no evidence that self driving can be better. It's purely faith.

Drivers are not horrible, rather horrible drivers can get a license. Treating cars as a right makes that worse. Self driving makes that worse.

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I conflated two points. Driver hits something due to sudden braking = they are liable.

Driver hit from behind at high speed = dangerous for occupants. Either way no one asked the driver.

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The news represents the views of the powerful. We won't get on the news, except as villains. The only hope we have is to exist loudly together so people know we're around. They can talk to us directly. That's what marches are about. That's why you hold lots of them.


OK I haven't seen the whole thing yet but I'm at the point of the video where I think she's going to say "Solarpunk" and I'm excite!


I know most Solarpunks already know about Andrew Millison from his permaculture work, but his new videos are both awesome and very solarpunk vibes, simple solutions for big problems.


I like it, it's a good movie, and I want to make the (maybe hot take argument) that this is solarpunk!



Interesting look into Dune and the Luddites, and how technology can take two forms. Apropos permacomputing I think.


Seriously fuckcars you need to hear this. Have we been fighting for the wrong side the whole time/???


Great video on building new housing supply, and also covers how the Greens are duplicitous about building new housing while opposing housing in their councils. Labor is right on this one.


Hi guys, I just wanted to call out an inappropriate term I've seen used sometimes: Civil Disobedience. It's not just civil disobedience when you pirate something privately, you need to do it publicly and dare the authorities to do something about it.

So an example here would be to set up a massive leech party and advertise it specifically as civil disobedience. Say all manner of things from all manner of copyright holders would be transmitted, and try and get news coverage. That's civil disobedience.

Just downloading a movie because you want to watch it is not. OK thanks for your time.

Aaron Bushnell, Anarchist (www.youtube.com)
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I don't have any words for this. The man is a hero.


Colani is pretty interesting from a design standpoint. The biomimicry in his designs can be a sister to art nouveau and very reminiscent of Moebius. I think Colani is definitely a touch point for Solarpunk art.


New TTT just dropped. Sorry I know I keep sharing Youtube videos I'm probably just Basic like that.


Alice Cappelle generally tackles social issues, and here she shares the idea that school under capitalism is seen as transactional, and therefore this results in teachers being disrespected, which stymies education.

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