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Or a burning hatred of proprietary systems

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Fucking amazing😮😮 Write a blog if you document things.. Might come handy to beginners

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I never understand the concept of therapy. I always think of it as a fancy way to say helping so called "neurodivergant" to mold into " neurotypical" person

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That's really interesting you're storing power. Was it diy??

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Linus has succinctly told nvidia what to do

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Most probably, no. I tried to run bluestacks on wine. Some game works, most of em don't

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Currently, they are specifically advertising that they can provide really large amount of power for very short time. I don't know where I read this but CERN is storing discharging some big capacitors to jump start LHC, and gravitricity can provide same power by parallely lowering heavier weights. source required

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I have been following them for a few years and they are making some slow and steady progress

From their page: As the world generates more electricity from intermittent renewable energy sources, there is a growing need for technologies which can capture and store energy during periods of low demand and release it rapidly when required.

At Gravitricity we are developing innovative, long-life, underground technologies which store energy safely and deliver it on demand at a lower lifetime cost than current alternatives.

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What about storing energy as potential energy using some high density objects. This may work.. Right?? gravitricity Check out their work.

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These are not engineering issues but political ones. We could have potentially unlimited supply of food even with current technology but here we are

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I have seen that on interdimensional cable

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First, they restricted code search without logging in so I'm using sourcegraph But now, I cant even view discussions or wiki without logging in.

It was a nice run

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Stumbled at this while exploring small web. Not sure if it belongs here but however they are living is pretty solarpunk

From about us:

Hundred Rabbits is a small artist collective. Together, we explore the planned failability of modern technology at the bounds of the hyper-connected world. We research and test low-tech solutions and document our findings with the hope of building a more resilient future.

We live and work on a 10 meter vessel called Pino, we have sailed around the Pacific Ocean and realized how fragile the modern-day computing stack was. Living in remote uninhabited parts of the world has offered us a playground to learn how technology degrades beyond the shores of the western world.

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