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The real power is in the AI.

No, the real power is in properly understanding, applying, designing, maturing, and integrating, the technology, such that it's actually a useful product on the other end. AI is not a magic duct tape with which you slap the wildest venture capital dreams together with.

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Delicacy in the Rockies more like.

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Chernobyls relevance to tmi of course superficial.

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This is generally the case, homeowners are exempted from a significant amount of tax if it is their primary residence.

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The internet as the internet companies percieved it would look like and sold it as absolutely and completely vanished, yeah.

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The internet is a funny analogue!

Because it experienced the dot com crash under almost the same sort of circumstances.

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And caloric deficit is only true on a fictitious notion of metabolism via a simplified system model of a human as a black box. As far as weight loss strategies go, calorie counting is extremely ineffective, and often leads to worse quality of life.

If your goal is however to shame people with a highschool level understanding of metabolism by making the problem into something "simple" they are failing to do with your actively bad advice, it's effective.

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Asbestos is not harmless to people living with it, all structures need repair and modification eventually (regularly) and unknown asbestos cutting or chipping can be incredibly hazardous.

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Engineers of the past had very limited design knowledge, so generally subscribed to the "I don't know how to do this. Oh well, more good, morer bettererer."

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Need is directly in opposition to please. This makes your addition an ironic use of please, and not a polite one, which actually fits the ops observation better than the initial comment did.

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I mean I would and do in fact literally blame societal and familial problems when kids are brutal, unkind, or hurt others, and similarly blame societal and familial problems for when kids are not protected from brutal, unkind, and hurtful things.

Why are you saying the things you're saying like a gotcha? Do you not feel that society has a significant impact on the behavior of youth?

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