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I try to be, but don’t always hit the mark.

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I still can’t believe they’ve managed to make not getting sick a political stance.

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Mmhmm. My catgirl came out looking great, but my Au Ra needed a bit of tweaking, where I had to set the limbal ring one colour brightness higher, and the eye one colour brightness lower to get them to pop like they did, and that's where the Fantasia comes in.

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Videotron, who own Freedom/Wind now.

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No. A nation that allows slavery doesn't practice human rights. For human rights to exist they have to apply to everyone, which can't work if some people are considered property.

No amount of gotchas, or arguing semantics is going to make slavery okay, and the way you're replying to peoples answers makes me think you fundamentally don't understand the question.

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I threw out my shoulder trying on shirts at the store the other day…

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“Democratic capitalism” is an oxymoron, as without an incredibly large number of regulations, capital will replace democracy as the primary decision maker, by design.

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Similarly, 2 was my first Uncharted, which I played partway through at a friend's. When I got my own PS3 I decided to start back at 1 and found it did a much better job of teaching me how to play the game than 2 did. When I went back to 2 after finishing 1, everything I had trouble with was so much easier, and it was really need to see the jump in graphics between the games.

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Irreparable harm to their bottom line, maybe.

Won’t anyone think of the shareholders?

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Oooooh, that Etsy link does actually look perfect. Thank you! I'll keep digging.

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The Ghoul definitely picked Bloody Mess as one of his perks.


So, hi! Hello!

I've been looking for a spring coat/jacket and I came across this on Amazon. I love the colour, and I love the look. Very utility, kind of military with the epaulets.

But I've seen it under half a dozen different brand names with the same picture, and on Wal-Mart, and many other fast-fashion shops, so I assume it's going to end up being made of crafting felt or something.

My first thought was figuring out how to dye an army surplus jacket, but I doubt I'd get the colour I want. I've tried looking elsewhere, but I'm not even sure exactly what I'm looking for, here, but whatever it is I'd love for it to fit well, and to be made of a strong material that will last.

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