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And, for bonus points, how are they made?

These seem like an awfully important test piece. I'm pretty sure they're just checking for glucose with some enzyme or something. But who knows, maybe its something simple or everyday? Are all brands using the same materials?

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For the record - this is the argument against democracy. And it's not so bad!

Democracy can do horrific things! It is prone to mistakes with things that can be fear-mongered, where there's a lot of money invested in grifting, and when the real reasons are sufficiently complicated that they don't fit on signs (or nobody is interested in doing the work to put them on signs).

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depending on how much want to do, I have seen kits for ~$30. Pretty sure I've seen some small kits taken for camping, so they can't be too pricy. And if you can't afford it, just start bringing it up around town! Maybe somebody will get excited and do it for you.

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I'm not very good at telling when I need more sunlight, exercise, or even food. But I can tell when our pet needs things, and find it pretty motivating to take care of them (and hence myself).

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Fortunately containers can get bigger =)

While we aren't all the same, there's a difference between things that require holding 8 complicated things in mind at once, and things that require a little language learning and the intelligence to solve a crossword. This is closer to the latter - like doing a crossword in Spanish. You need to know a bunch of little things, but learning them is basically all tedium and not brilliant insights. (Taking these puzzles, creating a dozen new variants, and solving all of those probably does require managing a lot of complexity. But to understand the work of others, is not so bad)

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If it's any consolation, you are almost certainly within ~3 years of understanding the solution and a dozen variants. It's not a super deep area. Probably doesn't really require calculus (you need continuous as in 'the lion doesn't teleport; that's cheating', but I think not much more).

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I'm a little sad nobody with the relevant mathematics background has jumped in. These puzzles are considered; a simple version is the lion-hunting-man where both have the same speed and infinite turning speed (eg, this paper, where the arena they play in varies).

Shopping cart (

I have been walking to the nearest grocery, and have just had my foldable shopping cart break. The large plastic wheels shattered, and made for a very unpleasant time dragging the thing back home. I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for a good cart, or even one that's relatively easy to repair. Foldable is not important. Not getting stuck on every crack in the sidewalk would be a plus.

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I think this is the proper way to treat games that you're done developing. My only requests might be:

  • Adding a way to self-host an instance (with mod tools)
  • Open sourcing (so the community can fix their own bugs)
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It's likely in some cultural groups - and has been true for a friend or two of mine. A particular example was someone going to a Psych ward, where their phone was kept in a vault. Obviously you know more context than me. But the probability is nonzero.

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They've suddenly landed in a really controlling environment (be it a partner, parents, or a government), and wish to hide your relationship/keep you out of the crosshairs.

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Not FOSS, but ad free and its been able to find the hidden RSS feeds for things OK. FeedDemon at:

Probably not what you are after, but maybe someone with a similar question.

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to anyone who understand this behavior - what's the man trying to do here? Is there any charitable read? Having a hard time imagining it.

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Surprised nobody mentioned this: Most of these models use tokenization; they group words into groups of symbols like "ea" and "the" and "anti" - they don't pick which key to press for the text, they pick which bunch of keys to press. These are called tokens. I believe there are tokens it just can't output, or tokens that are extremely unlikely. I could imagine that "etc." and "...." are tokens with relatively high probabilities, but perhaps "etc..." doesn't break into a nice set of them? (or the tokens it can be broken into all have extremely low weights for the model).


Policy video on assisted dying by a UK doctor. Youtube has decided not to promote it as an intense topic, so I'm putting it here.

FWIW, I don't think the video will be particularly triggering. It's heavy, but they are quite focused on the case of physiologically terminally ill patients.


What are some excellent games that remain excellent for a group of three?

So many multiplayer game lists include games that are only playable for 2 players (eg, It takes 2, portal 2). Best I could figure out in steam store search was to look for multiplayer games that aren't co-op, but this seems to remove many games that support 3 players.


I've recently wanted a more programmable one, as my work recently broke the shared calendar (but haven't broke the rss feed for it, yet!). Suggestions?


Should I be using a controller, a keyboard, or something else? I heard that it was developed for PC, has that remained the better UI?


I know gator-aid and its like advertise that they have lots of them. And I know sometimes I feel bad if I sweat a lot and just drink water. But are they just advertising... salt? Are there different kinds of electrolytes, and if so are they interchangable?


This years MAA MathFest is in Tampa Florida, which is not a good place to be LGBTQIA+. The linked open letter asks the organizers to provide an online option, and be more honest in their messaging.

Email template and emails to reach out to appear at the end.


I've got an old trench coat that really needs cleaned, but the tag has frayed/fallen off/lost all text, and I can't remember if it's machine washable.

In case I run into similar troubles, are there any good actionable rules to use here? Thanks!


Recently noticed this open source math exchange-like site. The community is pretty slow (seems like there's lots of people interested in answering questions, but not so many posting them), which may make it a good target if you've got a good question that isn't getting the attention you'd like.

Curious if anybody knows other alternatives.


In particular, I can't seem to see posts in the (local?) ELI5 community: while I'm logged in?

Good news! Jilanico found the fix, go into your profile settings and make sure both english and undetermined are selected (I had to ctrl+click them, they were both highlighted blue when I clicked save settings)

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