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I have been collecting free resources I come across! Know of one not listed? Please share it for everyone 😊

Note: While I have tried most of these, I have not tried all of them. Please do some research before downloading anything.

📸Photo Editing and Digital Art:

💻 Programs:

Character Posers:


🎨 Palettes:


  • FreeTypography: Free fonts for commercial use
  • Creative Fabrica: Free fonts for commercial use (sign-up required. Click “Menu,” then “Freebies.”)
  • Font Base: Free program made to organize and preview fonts (for graphic design)



  • Audacity: Audio editor
  • Craig: a bot for discord that lets you record audio conversations (not sneakily, publicly) for podcasts. It even splits everyone into separate audio files for easier edits.

📖Documents and Writing

🖥️Website Building/Coding/Programing


  • Etymology Dictionary: History and meanings of words
  • Marginalia: search engine that focuses on non-commercial content
  • Text-To-Speech: Chrome Extension for hearing text spoken and seeing it highlighted
  • Dictation: will transcribe audio
  • FreeLearningList: several lists of websites where you can learn for free
  • TinyWow: A website with several different useful tools; such as converting file types, photo editing, and more.
  • Omni Calculator: This website has several different calculators/generators; including a solar setup calculator (tells you how many panels you need), constructions calculators (such as telling you how many sheets of drywall you will need) and more.
  • Food Swap Network: share homemade, homegrown, or foraged foods with each other.
  • Freegle: A free app for either giving away items you no longer want, or finding ones you need.
  • Dimensions: Need to know the average size of something? This website can show you the standard measurements and sizes of many different things.
  • Gramps: Free family tree and research program
  • Frappe Books: Accounting Software
  • iFixit: Look up the repair guides for many different common items
  • Repair Clinic: Enter the model or part number, or problem, and it will help walk you through repairing the exact item you have.

DIY Builds:

  • Awesome Social Robots: How to build a robot companion
  • Open-Sourced DIY prosthetic leg: “With an ever-increasing availability of new technologies, we created an affordable bionic leg that is accessible to everyone.”
  • DIY Open electric drive kit for wheelchairs - alpha v “The present page is a follow-up project done by a group of 3rd year students from Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College where they built a first prototype of an electric wheelchair that will be the basis for future development of an open kit to build electric wheelchairs for cheap. The idea is to keep information open and make the system suitable to use off-the-shelf components.”
  • DIY Talking Smart Glass for the Blind “A pair of talking smart glass, intended to help the visually impaired.”
  • DIY Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station V3.0 "An Open Source Solar-Powered Weather Station to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, UV Index, and Lux Level”

📺Media and Entertainment

  • Tubi online streaming platform with ads
  • VLC: a media player that can play pretty much anything
  • inoreader: RSS reader so you can follow your fav websites without ads.
  • Calibre: ebook management
  • Playnite: Video game manager
  • Kodi: Video media manager

Free Books (Legal):

🖼️Public Domain Art

Once something reaches a certain age, it can fall under public domain. This includes classical art (like the Mona Lisa). If they are public domain, you can use them for commercial use or marketing.

🌎 Environmental Protection DIY Plans:

  • Senso: “Senso is a device that detects deforestation using sound analysis detecting machines used to cut down trees and warning the authorities”
  • Project Eel: “Monitoring river water quality based on open-design multi-parameter sonde, built along with QuickFeather and SensiML service.”
  • Stream Research: “Data is power, and with sufficient data we can approach our respective municipalities, and provide them with all the information they need to seek or allocate funding for the preservation and conservation of our natural waterways.”
  • Droncoria: Dronecoria develops Open Source biotechnological tools and knowledge. Enabling large-scale, low-cost environmental restorations through sowing drones and seed enhancement.
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I think it was the prime minister (or spokesperson) who made this very clever argument: (paraphrasing) “we are not taking away choice… cigarettes are designed to inherently take away your choice by trapping you in an addiction.”

I’m not picking sides here, just pointing out a great piece of rhetoric to spin the policy as taking away something that takes away your choice. Effectively putting forward the idea that you don’t have choice to begin with.

(sorry to say this rhetoric was not mentioned in the linked article; I just heard it on BBC World Service)

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As we reach the end of our Christmas reality check, the cynical contradictions of Christmas stand glaringly exposed. Despite its image as a season of joy and giving, Christmas in its current form is fraught with issues that extend far beyond its religious and cultural roots. The holiday's deeply ingrained consumerism not only exacerbates economic disparities but also contributes to environmental degradation on a massive scale. Beyond the tangible impacts, Christmas exerts a considerable psychological toll, amplifying stress, loneliness, and mental health challenges. The physical health of individuals and the strain on public health systems can't be ignored either, with marked increases in health emergencies and lifestyle-related ailments during this period.

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Should Black Friday be banned? (self.anticonsumption)
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Consumerism is part of the climate problem and perhaps more so a waste disposal problem. Consumerism probably cannot be stopped but it can be reduced. It’s disturbing in the current climate that #BlackFriday still exists. To encourage the kick-off of mass consumption a month before Christmas likely does a lot damage.

I suppose cancelling Black Friday would be impossible in the US (where I suspect it started). A large number of democrats would oppose it and probably every single republican in the US would fight to their death an anti-consumerism action like that.

But what about Europe? Doesn’t Belgium and Netherlands restrict store-wide sales to just two weeks or so out of the year? For Europe, perhaps instead of cancelling it (which many would view as over-interventionist) they could double the VAT rates on that day on clothes and electronics. IDK.. that’s probably crazy talk. Ideas welcome. There’s no real issue with sales on services, but consumption of goods is where the damage is done.

I hate the idea that one of the most environmentally reckless companies in the world (#Amazon) gets a huge boost in sales on Black Friday. It makes the day depressing to see the masses rush to enrich a company they should be boycotting all year. I loved Black Friday back in the days when I was a loose cannon consumerist myself. Now it’s just a shit day where I deliberately avoid shops in order to not support it.


To be clear, I would not propose cancelling the unofficial holiday US employers often give on Black Friday. Just the sales.

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