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Each month we pin a post to give all members an update on the state of the instance, as well as a place to direct public comments and discussions, so let's get to the updatin'!

Community highlights

This month we thought to shake up our usual routine to highlight new communities and instead decided to highlight some nice, but older communities. So have a look at these and maybe add them to your list of subscriptions:

Any other communities you would like to highlight? Comment below!

Transfer to new server

After our last attempt to move our Lemmy instance to a new server had to be reverted at the end of 2023, we tried again this month. The new server has been hosting the Pictrs image backend and the various frontends for a while now, but yesterday we finally also migrated the main database and the backend to it.

The new server (a refurbished Intel Xeon with 64GB RAM) is probably somewhat oversized for a small Lemmy instance like ours, but it looks like the multiple times faster NVMe database storage array finally fixes the performance issues we had before.

Let's hope this time we will not run into hardware issues like with the previous dedicated server.

A brand spankin' new Wiki

SLRPNK now hosts a fully functional wiki for our communities to utilize, based on the DocuWiki project.

Currently, only community Moderators can edit the wiki, and like our XMPP instance, you'll be able to use your SLRPNK login to access it, along with editing privileges for your community automatically given.

We have a quick-start guide written that should help you with the first steps of how to create your community wiki.

A few plugins have been added to the wiki to extend its functionality, such as a WYSIWYG editor in addition to the standard markup editor, along with some other bells and whistles. You can find a complete list of the plugins used here.

If you need any help getting your community page setup, you can either leave a comment in this thread below, or message one of the admins, and we'll do our best to get you up and running. :)

Other technical additions

You might have noticed the new bot account that was added as an instance admin last month. This account is currently connected to two additional services that we added:

An automatic RSS feed poster that can be added to communities. Let us know if that is something you are interested for a community you moderate here.

An instance level auto-moderation bot that scans new posts and comments for spam. The software behind this is still a bit of a work in progress, but it should allow us to react more quickly to future spam-waves from multiple accounts.

If you have other suggestions on how to utilize this bot, let us know.

Server Stats

With another month, comes another round of stats!

Right off the bat, the hardware upgrade is having a noticeable effect on the latency of the server, which is pretty darn sweet.

And 65 new solarpunks joined us last month, bringing the total up from 1,138 members to 1,203. Hopefully they find this to be a good home. :)

The monthly users are holding steady, with a slight increase up from 290 to 299. With that amount of people, there always seems to be something interesting to see or read on the server just from our users alone. Counting people coming in from other instances, it really is booming around here!

The Big News

We're proud to announce that Slrpnk.net is now officially sponsored by Exxon Mobile™ as part of their Global Green Outreach for Innovative Forward Thinkers™ program.

In collaboration with them, we'll be featuring new eco-friendly technologies that were produced with net-zero emissions as a long-term goal, which has only been made possible thanks to Exxon's Big Heart Good Guy Partner™ initiative.

Starting us off this month is this fine Gasoline powered Alarm Clock, which gets an unthinkable 24 hours to the gallon! The efficiency wizards at Exxon have truly outdone themselves. Hopefully we'll see one of these pop up in every home in the coming decades.

Open discussion

That about wraps up this month's news. If you have anything you'd like to ask regarding the site, our new tools, or anything else related to this community, let us know.

If you've created a new community or would like to make your own announcements about something happening on the server, you're also welcome to post them down below!

All comments will get extra visibility up until the beginning of next month.

Have a great April, everyone! ^^

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Delivering a baby was already risky, but an unprecedented surge in gang violence has forced clinics and hospitals to close

The worst fears of midwives at Heartline Haiti were realised last week. As they prepared the maternity clinic for patients that evening, armed men laid siege to their neighbourhood in eastern Port-au-Prince, spraying bullets at police and rival gangs, setting cars on fire and ransacking houses.

“All of our staff were huddled in an interior hallway hearing the noises outside the gates and walls, afraid they may be next,” says Tara Livesay, the NGO’s executive director. “A gang member was shot dead outside, just two doors over.”

After a terrifying night, staff managed to make it out safely the next morning when the street battles subsided. The organisation has had no option but to close the clinic, leaving the 75 pregnant women it had been supporting with nowhere to go for medical care or to have their babies delivered.

“We’ve tried so hard to keep the clinic open but there is not much else we can do now. I can’t ask people to go to work if they might get hit by a bullet,” says Livesay.

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No billionaire shenanigans to get in the way of having a truly open-sourced phone.

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Automatic text replacement let users spoof URLs ending in x, like netflix.com.

Elon Musk's clumsy brand shift from Twitter to X caused a potentially big problem this week when the social network started automatically changing "twitter.com" to "x.com" in links. The automatic text replacement reportedly applied to any URL ending in "twitter.com" even if it wasn't actually a twitter.com link.

The change apparently went live on X's app for iOS, but not on the web version. It seems to have been a problem for a day or two before the company fixed the automatic text replacement so that it wouldn't affect non-Twitter.com domains.

Security reporter Brian Krebs called the move "a gift to phishers" in an article yesterday. It was a phishing risk because scammers could register a domain name like "netflitwitter.com," which would appear as "netflix.com" in posts on X, but clicking the link would take a user to netflitwitter.com.

"A search at DomainTools.com shows at least 60 domain names have been registered over the past two days for domains ending in 'twitter.com,' although research so far shows the majority of these domains have been registered 'defensively' by private individuals to prevent the domains from being purchased by scammers," Krebs wrote.

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Russian military personnel arrived in Niamey to train their soldiers and set up an air defense system. Russia has been trying to build stronger ties with several African nations currently ruled by military juntas.

The Russian defense ministry sent military personnel and trainers to Niger on Wednesday to install systems and train soldiers, Nigerien state TV RTN said.

The channel showed people and goods being unloaded from a military cargo plane, with images showing Russian Ilyushin-76 aircraft. 

The dispatch of Russian personnel to the African nation is part of a recent agreement between Niger's military junta leader Abdourahamane Tchiani and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two countries are trying to increase cooperation.

Russia has ramped up efforts to build stronger relations with African nations, positioning itself as a military power without a colonial past.

Prior to the military coup last July, Niger and the US, France and some other European countries were cooperating to fight against Islamist militias in the Sahel region.

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Major brands like Zara and H&M sell garments produced with cotton from Brazilian farms. These have been linked to deforestation and land grabbing, according to a new investigation

Before they reach the display windows of fashion giants like Zara and H&M, cotton pants, shorts, shirts and socks leave behind a trail of deforestation, land grabbing and human rights violations in Brazil. Though many of them carry a sustainable production label,  a yearlong investigation by UK-based NGO Earthsight detailed the connection between crops in Brazil, the world's fourth largest cotton producer, and European brands. Earthsight analyzed satellite images, shipping records, public archives and visited producing regions to track the journey taken by 816,000 tons of cotton.  

According to the report, this raw material was produced specifically for eight Asian companies which, between 2014 and 2023, manufactured around 250 million retail items. Many of them, the investigation claims, supplied brands such as H&M and Zara, among others.

"It's shocking to see these links between very recognizable global brands that apparently don't make enough effort to have control over these supply chains. To know where the cotton comes from and what kind of impact it causes," Rubens Carvalho, head of deforestation research at Earthsight, told DW.

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For those unaware, The Triple-i Initiative is a group of indie studios whose purpose is to highlight fan-favorite games and hype up established indie classics as well as new IPs.

So, without further ado, here are the trailers. Names in bold are new releases, the rest are updates to existing games:

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About two billion birds fly through Texas in the spring – and lit-up buildings pose a deadly risk. Turning out the lights at night could save countless fatal collisions.

It was a foggy Thursday morning when animal services supervisor Josh Henderson received news of a mass mortality. On May 4, 2017, 395 migratory birds died after smashing into one office tower in Galveston, Texas. Henderson rushed to the scene to witness the gruesome spectrum of feathers from yellow and orange to blue and grey of the lifeless small-featured bodies.

"It was awe-inspiring and tragic," says Henderson, who is now the executive director of the Humane Society in Galveston.

In 2020, Cornell, Houston Audubon and a range of other organisations joined forces to start the "Lights Out, Texas!" campaign, which encourages building owners, developers and businesses to switch off non-essential lighting from 11pm to 6am each night during spring and autumn migration. Timed for around March-June (spring migration) and August-November (autumn migration), the campaign aims to help create a safe passage for nocturnally migrating birds. Since then, Lights Out Texas has taken hold in every major city in Texas. The state is considered an especially important place for the campaign given its position as a mass bird migration hotspot.

Around 24 communities in Texas have pledged to follow the Lights Out recommendations.

Early data collection suggests that Lights Out is effective, says Chloe Saucedo Crumley, the public affairs and engagement manager at Audubon Texas. After tracking the bird crashes at Chicago's towering McCormick Place over 20 years, researchers found a 60% decrease in bird mortality when lights are turned off.

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House Speaker Mike Johnson will stand Friday with Donald Trump at an appearance that will amplify the former president’s most damaging falsehood: that America’s democratic elections are catastrophically tainted by fraud.

The country’s most powerful elected Republican, who is seeking to save his job under threat from Trump-aligned members of his own party in Congress, will travel to meet the true power in the GOP at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The visit comes as the the ex-president’s allies are eviscerating his authority and even threatening to topple him

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Germany’s neighbors say the measure is harming EU unity and hindering their efforts to ditch Russian energy.

The EU will haul Germany to court unless the country revises a controversial gas law that neighboring countries say is harming their efforts to diversify away from Russian energy, a senior European Commission official told POLITICO.

Germany adopted the law in 2022, slapping a levy on all gas leaving the country to help plug an almost €10 billion black hole in its budget. But Germany's neighbors say the law could violate EU rules on gas storage and undermine the bloc's single market — driving up prices and incentivizing them to buy cheaper Russian energy.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive, shares those concerns and has told Germany the measure may not be legal. 

“For us, there are grounds to consider it a clear-cut breach of competition law and the single market rules,” said the senior Commission official, who was granted anonymity to speak freely about the sensitive matter.

Rule (lemmy.blahaj.zone)

Credit goes to Zoe Baker

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A Portuguese man has become the first European citizen jailed under the China-imposed National Security Law in Hong Kong, a law widely criticised by rights groups.

Joseph John, also known as Wong Kin-chung, holds a Portuguese passport and Hong Kong residency and was previously based in the UK.

He was arrested for posting pro-independence and anti-China content on social media, after returning to Hong Kong to visit family in 2022 

In February, he was convicted of "secession" and on Thursday sentenced to five years in jail.

Under the law, secession is the offence of advocating for Hong Kong to break away from China.


Better late than never! 🥳

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Glo and Flo and Jo (lemmy.world)
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From Hoo's Woods

An Educational Comparison of Wisconsin's two largest most common native owl species. Rarely have we admitted baby great horned owls and barred owls so close in age. The unseasonably warm winter has prompted early nesting activities in some raptor species.

Here we have "Flo" a 4 week old baby Great Horned Owl, rapidly growing. Within one week her weight went from 525 grams to 875 grams-an astounding 66% increase. With yellow eyes, a black beak, and the promise of developing feather tufts on her head as she matures, Flo displays the distinctive traits of her species.

On the other hand, "Jo", a baby Barred Owl approximately one week old and weighing 275 grams, exhibits dark brown eyes, a yellow beak, and lacks the characteristic feather tufts.

Raptor species are known for their rapid rate of growth with both owl species reaching full size by 6-7 weeks of age. Great Horned Owls are larger than Barred Owls.

While these babies have an innocence at this age, they are competitive by nature and it is important to raise them among their own kind. At Hoo's Woods, we take every opportunity to educate about these magnificent birds, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Wisconsin's diverse wildlife.

Here's a heartwarming Feel Good Friday moment! Despite the challenges of recovering from her own injury, Glo's maternal instinct is truly inspiring as she cares for this newly admitted owlette, "Flo".

The owlette was discovered on the ground after falling from the nest. We brought the owlette back to the hospital to examine assuring it's healthy before attempting to return to its family.

It's wonderful to see Glo providing Flo with the nurturing she needs while maintaining her wild nature, ensuring she doesn't become imprinted. Glo and Flos story highlights the resilience and compassion found in the natural world. > Please continue to send good vibes for Glo as she has a long road ahead to recovery, and for Flo to be reunited with her family.

Check out the Facebook link above for more stories, pics, and video of these 3!


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A selection of YouTube viewers have recently noticed there's a little something different with the look of the website.

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Summary by brave leo :

  1. The al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza was the site of a massacre during a two-week siege, resulting in hundreds of deaths and unidentified body parts.

  2. The Israeli army claimed it arrested hundreds of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad members from the hospital, but survivors claim they were civilian government employees.

  3. The employees had gathered at the hospital to receive their salaries, as it was one of the few safe places in the area.

  4. The army was alerted to the gathering by informants, collaborators, and undercover spies.

  5. The army separated people into groups with differently-colored bracelets, executing those suspected of being Hamas or PIJ members.

  6. The hospital staff who refused to evacuate were also executed, and the army killed anyone who resisted.

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A Houston hospital is investigating whether a doctor altered a transplant list to make his patients ineligible for care. A disproportionate number of them have died while waiting for new organs.

For decades, Dr. J. Steve Bynon Jr., a transplant surgeon in Texas, gained accolades and national prominence for his work, including by helping to enforce professional standards in the country’s sprawling organ transplant system.

But officials are now investigating allegations that Dr. Bynon was secretly manipulating a government database to make some of his own patients ineligible to receive new livers, potentially depriving them of lifesaving care.

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston, where Dr. Bynon oversaw both the liver and kidney transplant programs, abruptly shut down those programs in the past week while looking into the allegations.

On Thursday, the medical center, a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Texas, said in a statement that a doctor in its liver transplant program had admitted to changing patient records. That effectively denied the transplants, the hospital said. Officials identified the physician as Dr. Bynon, who is employed by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and has had a contract to lead Memorial Hermann’s abdominal transplant program since 2011.

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